For women, their hair has a special meaning. It is almost magical that a woman in a tight bun can unbridled her hair and change in seconds from a master of industry or commerce to become and enchantress, a symbol of feminine beauty. Men and women admire long manageable hair on women. When famous singer […]

The first thing someone should known about Sanjay Shah is he started Solo Capital after the financial crash in 2008. Before all of that he worked for other financial institutions like, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. When he was spending hours commuting to and from work and ten hours a day at the office working […]

Don Ressler is a direct marketing genius who has led startups into big business entities. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics a fashionable athletic brand of JustFab. He is the co- CEO of JustFab Inc, a fashion retailer. The company was cofounded with Adam Goldenberg in 2010, and its headquarters are in […]

Class Dojo, an educational app, has taken their community mindset one step further. In a partnership with Stanford, they both have decided to launch a series of growth mindset videos to help children understand the concept with their favorite monsters. Growth mindset is the philosophy that intelligence and ability are not something you are born […]

Born in the year 1955 in Michigan USA, the oldest son to Mr. DeVos SNR Was one of the most persuasive people of our time. Having started to work in Amway Company as its vice president in the year 1974, he held his position for a while until 1993 where he was promoted to president […]


Luiciana Lossio is one of the most successful lawyers in Brazil and has had a rich and lasting career in the industry. Because of his success as a lawyer, many people seek out his knowledge and experience to ensure that they are satisfied with the results they are able to achieve from their cases. Going […]

FreedomPop is a company that has easily put many other large phone carriers to shame because of their low prices and free services that are offered to their customers. FreedomPop has found a way to give free cell phone service and Internet service to their customers, and now they are also able to provide a […]