Like many other services and booking related websites, Handy was only a concept when it first started. As a startup company, they were not headed off by some huge corporate conglomerate and they were not a branch off of an already established huge business. They were just a company that thought they had a great […]

FreedomPop succeeded immensely in a very crowded market of budget mobile phone service providers. The company has been able to do so with a very limited advertising budget. As executives from the company point out, word of mouth is the main way people learn about FreedomPop. Social Media sharing has also done a nice job […]

When it comes to being a doctor, there is a lot that goes into it and a lot that is oftentimes unseen by the general public. They are constantly working even when they are not at the office or not at their practice. When it comes to someone like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, he is always […]

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who is able to help people who want to move to other countries with the professional experience that he has. He also has personal experience in the field because he is also an expat who came from New Zealand to Uruguay to make a better life for himself and […]

Staffing is one of the vital parts of the organization, this id due to the reason that the correct type of staff for the firm would suit into the desired structure that designed. One of the primary functions of the employees is representing the company when dealing with the customers and prospective customers. Brian Torchin […]


Don Ressler is the face behind numerous startups that are enjoying success. The list includes Fabletics, Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and more. Ressler’s first venture was a site called It got bought by Intermix media. Ressler was also the COO at Intermix, along with his partner Adam Goldenberg when they create Alena Media. Their e-commerce […]