Brief History

Fagali’I Airport is a public airport operated by Samoa Airport Authority and located in Fagali’i-Uta, about three miles South-east of Apia. It started as a small grass airstrip which served light aircrafts. It was reconstructed and reopened on 6th July, 2002. It was later decommissioned in early 2005 due to noise and safety concerns to the villagers.

The airport was previously under joint ownership and operation of Samoan Government and Polynesian Airlines. By then, it was a small airstrip which after upgrade for international flights, which included America Samoa and Pago Pago destinations, was reopened on on 1st July 2009 under the management of Polynesian Airlines.

Current Operations.

The airport serves different airlines. They include; Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways and Polynesian Airlines.It acquired the DHC-6 Twin Otter nineteen passager utility airplane to serve inter-island services between Pago Pago, Samoa, Manua, Faleolo, and Tutuila. It also provides weekly flights to the Ofu- Olosega Island and Ta’u, the infamous American Samoa routes. Fagali’I Airport hosts low costs airlines which offer one of the cheapest flights which can be booked online.

What to find around the Airport

The airport is located in a serene environment with its nearby environs virtually equipped to accommodate everyone from all walks of life. About 2.2 miles away is a destination to experience the broad Samoa culture and less than a mile further is a museum for the tour lovers. Around the same neighborhood is Apia Habour with a thick marine reserve with dive and snorkel spots. There also spots within a mile radius for great Souvenirs, cave pools, eye-catching falls, sliding rocks, beach resorts among other places worth touring.


There are a variety of lucrative airport hotels most within walking distance from the airport. Their services, charges, and bookings can easily be accessed and done online. In case of any medical emergency, a well-equipped hospital is located around the corner that has a well-trained team that handles medical issues promptly.

Other airports that are near Apia Fagali include Apia Faleolo airport which is approximately 17miles away, Pago Pago airport 77miles and Ofu airport 138miles.

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How Europeans Developed Hybrid Trabuco

Trabuco is a war machine that played an essential function in helping the Europeans to win many victories over their enemies. Many wars have been fought over the years, and the challenges that military men encountered on the battlegrounds pushed engineers to think deeply about the best methods that can be used to revolutionize how wars were fought. Trabuco was used many years ago, and it was useful in swaying the scales of war in favor of the Europeans.

Trabuco was a large catapult that was used to throw huge masses, unlike the small slings. The working principle was quite similar since in both cases potential energy was used to propel the mass. However, Trabuco incorporated many parts that required a lot of effort to be applied by those who were on the battleground. The system was not highly efficient, but that did not matter since there was no better system at that point.

Trabuco had a long pole and the mass to be catapulted was placed on one end while people were involved in pulling the weight from the other end. Ancient Trabuco was not very suitable since the machine required to be drawn by about 300 people. On the other hand, Trabuco could only catapult a weight over 80 meters, as much as the distance was not long, it was sufficient for the moment.

Due to the tensile characteristics of the machine, very few Trabuco’s were ever developed, and it is after the 11th Century that the production of Ancient Trabuco came to an end. The invention of Hybrid Trabuco eliminated the need for people in pulling the center pole. In this case, Hybrid Trabuco employed a counterweight attached to one end of the center pole, making it more efficient as the stress applied by the counterweight was definite, and it was possible to calculate the distance that weight could travel once it was catapulted.

The Europeans are the ones who twitched the working mechanisms of Hybrid Trabuco to the point that is became a little bit more precise. They machine was modified by adding a counterweight mass and blunderbuss, and this enabled a projectile to be thrown over a much longer distance. Check for more:


The Reopening of Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I airport was beforehand owned and ran by the government of Samoa in partnership with Polynesian airline back when its airstrip was covered with grass. The airport was closed down and later reopened in 2002. On January 2005, it was withdrawn by the government and closed down once again due to the villager concerns for safety and the noise the airport produced. The airport underwent some renovations and constructions before Polynesian airlines reopened it as a public airport on July 1st, 2009 and international flights were introduced to Pago Pago, American, and Samoa. The Samoa Airport Authority is the owner and operator of the airport. The airport serves Apia which is the capital of Samoa, and it is the secondary airport after Apia Faleolo Airport. Its IATA code is FGI, and its ICAO code is NSF, and it is located in Fagali’I Utah in Samoa. There are four airlines that have operated in the airport. These include; Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. However, only Talofa Air and Polynesian airlines are currently operating at the airport. This is because the other two were closed down due to violations and breaching of Civil Aviation rules and regulations. Talofa Air was established in August 2016, and it operates flights within the Polynesian regions in both Faleolo and Fagali’I airports.

After reopening the Fagali’I airport, the Polynesian airline had over 30 flights scheduled for the Pago Pago route. According to Brent Schwenke, the local general manager for the Polynesian airline, flights were filling out very fast especially on the weekends and Fridays. The airport is mostly used for day-time flight services while the Faleolo International airport was to take overnight flights if there will be any required. Due to the village concerns about safety and the environmental impact the airport would bring, the Samoa Airport Authorities and The Pacific Aviation Office (PASO) conducted a civil safety inspection of the airport and approved the safety standards. Due to lack of enough space and short runways, planes from both SPEX and Interisland are not able to land at the airport; therefore, they were redirected to Faleolo Airport where there was enough runway for landing.

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Taking Advantage of Productivity with Bridget Scarr

Sometimes, people get the idea of success as being someone who is constantly working tirelessly on different projects with his company. The truth is that this is not practical. As a matter of fact, one of the successful entrepreneurs is Bridget Scarr, who is a creative director for her own company. She has worked for years as a producer who has helped to bring other people’s ideas to life. Once she has gained the experience and confidence, she has started her own production studio with the name of Collibri Studios. This is where she comes up with ideas of plenty of different projects.


One thing that stands out about Bridget Scarr is that she has a good work life balance. She works a few hours in the day. She also makes sure that she schedules herself for the most productive times of the day so that she can get the most work done. One of the best aspects of Bridget Scarr is that she keeps her time organized so that she can be balanced in what she is doing. One of the worst things that anyone can do is be so consumed with work that he burns out. Then there is the other extreme where one is constantly distracted. This often comes as a result of going to one extreme.


One motivating factor in Bridget’s life and career is her family. She is very happy as a mother and is willing to do things with her child. She has a lot of harmony in her family. This is one of the reasons that she is able to handle her work.


At Collibri Studios, Bridget comes up with different projects and ideas for projects for many different mediums of entertainment. She comes up with projects for TV, movies, and even virtual and augmented reality devices. She is always looking for innovative new ways to entertain people. At the same time, she wants to educate people with positive productions. She has one message that she wants people to learn from. This message is to be thankful for people in their lives and everything they have.


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Anthony Petrello Funds Neurological Disorder Research Center in Texas

Tony Petrello is known for being a generous philanthropist. He recently donated $7 million to a research being conducted by Texas Children’s Hospital. Apart from his personal contribution, he is actively involved in campaigns to mobilize other well-wishers to contribute to this great course. The research is dedicated to realizing medical solutions for children suffering from the neurological medical disorder.

Anthony Petrello knows how it feels like having a sick patient but there is no treatment that is available for that medical disorder. This is the situation that he found himself in with his own daughter, Carena. Carena was born with a medical condition which affected his brains. His brain lacked enough supply of oxygen sufficient for her to lead a normal life. Until she was 7. Carena could not feed on solid food. It took a number of years for her to be able to feed on solid food by herself. Carena has so far been physically handicapped. She cannot do some of the normal physical movements such as walking. For her, it has been extremely difficult for adapt to things other children learn naturally as they grow.

Anthony Petrello is the current CEO of Nabors Industries, the leading oil and natural gas drilling company in the World. This company has business links in almost all corners of the world. They have projects going on in Africa, Middle East, Far East and America. Apart from this business executive role, Tony Petrello is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital. This is an institution that is funded by the efforts of Anthony Petrello together with his wife.

Having spent a long time looking for a hospital that would help treat their daughter medical condition, Petrello noted that very little was available at the time. He saw this as an opportunity for him to start a campaign that would see the plight of children suffering from neurological disorders addressed.

Texas Children’s Hospital was located right at the nose of their Texas neighborhood. They decided to use this hospital as the research Centre for this disorder. The Neurological Research Institute was born out of Anthony Petrello’s efforts. His efforts would make sure that no other child would undergo the unfortunate life through which Carena and other children have undergone in the past. Petrello has also been able to set up a fundraising platform for the research center through which other interested individuals could contribute to the course.

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Stream Energy Wants You To Save Money and Energy

Stream Energy, a provider of electricity, energy and home services, want to give you about how to save some energy at home.

Stream Energy believes that one way you could save energy and money by unplugging devices when they are not in use. Devices are still using energy even when you are not actively using them. As an example, if you fully stopping energy getting to your coffee maker, you could save a dollar a year. If you stop getting energy to most of your devices, you could a dollar a year as well. You could make as much as 36 dollars a year by saving on energy.

Plugging most of your devices including your DVR and game consoles into a power strip would be a good way to save on energy. You just have to unplug the power strip and you know that your devices will be totally inactive. Get details on Stream Energy at

You get usage monitoring tools that will monitor your energy usage and make sure that you are saving energy.

Stream Energy has been in the home energy and services business since 2004. Its main headquarters can be found in the Tollway Building that is located in Dallas, Texas. To sell its business, it usesas multi-level marketing. It had a division called Ignitese that dealt with multi-level marketing until the division no longer existed in 2014. You can get their services in all parts of the US. The energy part of the company is can only be found in some carefully selected energy markets. Learn more about Stream Energy at Better Business Bureau.


The company was r in 2004 by Pierre Koshaki and Rob Snyder after Tesas deregulated its electricity market. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas gave Stream a retail electrical license in the beginning of 2005. 3 months later, it started to recruit Texas electricity customers. This company currently now sells energy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, DC and Texas. It hopes to grow more in the future.

Stream Energy has the experience to let you know how you can save energy and money on your household devices.


Sheldon Lavin, Innovative and Passionate About His Enterprise and Employees

Sheldon Lavin is very well known in the meat and food processing industry. He is currently serving as the President of OSI International Foods. Lavin is very active in the daily operations of the business and stays in close touch with his employees.

In 1970 Sheldon Lavin was at Otto and Sons where he was involved in the finance department. He gained the knowledge of the meat and food processing industry throughout the years and then developed the OSI Group. His continued involvement in the daily routines of the business grew into him becoming an owner. As leader of the OSI Group, Lavin developed the domestic food company into an international industry leader. The fast growing company is now in over 60 different countries with more than 70 different facilities. The main products of the company is protein, but they do also produce sauces, baked goods and some vegetables.

Lavin’s contribution to job growth throughout the world earned him the Global Visionary Award. On February 20, 2016, the India’s Vision World Academy gave him the award for his incredible accomplishment of introducing the OSI group internationally. Sheldon was very honored and proud to win the prestigious award and enjoys his life’s work of helping OSI Group grow so fast and powerful. He is committed to helping the company and to the welfare of all the company employees.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI has also expanded around the world and has received numerous environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin was asked what he would like to see in the next corporate leaders and he replied that he hopes they continue to support their employees and continue the international growth. He wants to inspire the next leaders to give their employees opportunities that will help them to grow OSI into a major global leader.

Sheldon says he is very proud of all the employees and what they all have achieved. The company’s success belongs to everyone. He listens to everyone and enjoys having lunch together in order to address new ideas from everyone. The corporate leaders feel the employees are talented and loyal and they should be heard. Sheldon is proud of his wife and three children and does not plan on slowing down in the corporate world in the near future. His inspirational words have encouraged his employees and he wants to stay as involved with them as possible. He is also very proud of his charitable contributions to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, who help people who are in need. He also encourages all his employees to contribute to the charity of their choice.

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The American Institute of Architects: United Architects From All Over The Country

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that has provided the country with some of the best developmental programs and endeavors. The organization has a rich history owing to the fact that it was first established in 1857 and currently operates out of its headquarters in Washington D.C. The organization has an extensive membership of over ninety thousand members from all parts of the country. The primary purpose for the establishment of this organization was to bring together all the architects from around the country to give them a common platform to help educate the future generations who will be building up the country. The organization tries its best to partake in numerous architectural ventures in the field and has been a part of some of the most significant projects in the entire country. The organization works in close collaboration with several other organizations to provide overall services to the construction industry. The organization has set the gold standard for architecture in the country and is considered to be one of the most sought-after institutions for nationwide architectural development and infrastructure.

Education is one of the leading aspects of the American Institute of Architects, which is why they have numerous programs in place to provide this to those who are interested in the field and want to pursue it professionally. The organization regularly conducts workshops and seminars to educate the public about the importance of good infrastructure and the importance of well-developed architecture. The organization also aims to inspire youth, to get them interested in the world of architecture. The organization also provides numerous services to existing architects and offers them incredible opportunities for development so that they can rise professionally in the field.Numerous architects have been able to develop their skills mainly because of the training and insight into the field that they got is a part of the American Institute of Architects.

When it comes to the kind of courses and arrays of architecture that they want to cover, the American Institute of Architects tries to be as diverse as possible. The organization tries its best to try and diversify the workshops that are conducted, spanning over various types of urban as well as rural planning. There is no doubt that the contribution of the American Institute of Architects to the industry has been enormous, and the organization continues to do so with each passing day.

Beneful Dog Treats for Healthy Smile

Beneful products can be found at Walmart for extremely low prices. Walmart carries all of the products that Beneful makes and what is available day by day depends upon the demand of those products at your local Walmart. Beneful products include wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats. Beneful makes dog treats to keep dogs teeth clean and they come in different size treats depending upon your dog breed so if you are looking to keep your dogs teeth free of plaque and squeaky clean then Beneful’s dog treats for a healthy smile are bound to be the perfect product for your dog.

Adam Milstein; a Philanthropist and an Entreprenuer

Adam Milstein, a native Israeli, is a famous philanthropist and an investor in real estate business. He is a highly respected community leader as well. He is a graduate from the Technion and once served as an Israeli defense force officer during the Yom Kippur war. He then shifted to the united state where he furthered his education to obtain a master’s degree from the University of South California. He then developed himself in the commercial real estate investment career around the year 1986. He is now in the management team of the Hager Pacific Properties which is a private commercial investment firm. The firm manages are area equals to several million square feet of both commercial and industrial real estate across the United States.

Adam co-founded the Israeli American Council. He is the national chairman of the firm where he is responsible for the management of the national growth and expansion. He is also found in some other organizations as the member of the board of directors. These organizations include StandWithUs, Jewish Funder Network, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Los Angeles, and AIPAC National Council and Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel Together with his wife, and they co-founded the SifriyatPijamaB’America. The purpose of the SifriyatPijamaB’America is to provide free books every month to the Israeli Jewish American families. The Jewish books that the foundation gives help in educating the Israeli American children their Jewish traditions and culture as they grow. To know more about him click here.

The family also launched the Adam and Gila family foundation to serve as a charity organization. The foundation also helps in promoting the Jewish culture among the students that are spread all around the globe. The students are provided with sufficient information on their Jewish roots and can study and trace their origin and Jewish culture. The young Jewish scholar has been able to open to the students the delicate and value heritage of the Israel community. The main purpose of the Israeli American council is to reinforce the relationship between the two countries. He has been at the forefront pushing the council to establish this relationship.