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Securus Defends its Reviews in Court


One of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology, Securus Technologies, an institution that is currently based in the United States of America. Just recently, the institution announced that it has managed to defend its views in the United States Court of Appeals. The company has stated that the Federal Communication Commission was not supposed to impose any rate caps on the intrastate rates. 

According to the Chief Executive Officer from Securus Technologies, Mr. Richard Smith, the organization has managed to win two main issues in the last two weeks. Both of the issues had been taken to the United States Court of Appeal, and they were both concerning the issue of inmate rates. 

According to the management of the institution, the first case was actually about the granting of a stay to the majority of the Federal Communication Commission decision on the inmate rates and fees. The second problem presented to the court was the incorrect extension of the interim interstate rates. It is believed that the legal and right bar for granting the stay by the courts is very high, but the management of the company was able to prevail in both cases.

However, during the second issue the Federal Communication Commission did not receive the right legal guidance, and according to the management of the institution, they only received the cue from an outside council that had the intention of terrorizing the industry 

Securus Technologies has been doing quite well in the recent past. First of all, it managed to come up with a video communication app that transformed the lives of many inmates in the American prisons. The company has also done well and way better when compared to its competitors, introducing better and reliable means of communication to the inmates in the correctional facilities. 

The company is based in the United States of America, and it serves more than three thousand correctional facilities in the country. Over one million prisoners and inmates depend on the company for its services. In the past, it was quite difficult to see a loved one in prison. People would be forced to travel for long distances and even wait for many hours to communicate with the special people in the prisons. Today, thanks to Securus Technologies, inmates can participate in important functions in the lives of their families using the video app offered by Securus. It is also quite cheap compared to other forms of communications.

Securus Technologies is not partnered in any way with the health product on Amazon, Securus nor is it a part of Securus America, the site for agents.

Securus House is a safe house for domestic violence and abuse victims and is also not partnered with Securus Technologies.

Premium Dog Food Tops the Market

The dog food industry is making headlines for its commitment to going healthy. The Daily Herald jut featured an article on the trends within the dog food industry, which is well on its way to going premium. The article details how top dog food companies are in fierce competition to continue to innovate their dog food formulas and production so that they can advertise a healthier formula and better ingredients than the other options on the market. While pet owners are started to take an active interest in their own health and are demanding healthier food choices in Walmart grocery stores and in restaurants, they are starting to make the same demands for their furry friends. It just makes sense that as we start to seriously focus on eating healthy for ourselves that we also start taking an interest in making sure that our pets are equally healthy. This is why more dog food recipes are incorporating more lean chicken and fewer empty grains in their recipes. Dog food producers are also advertising various formulas for specific types and ages of dogs.

Beneful has grown its sales to even bigger record numbers in the midst of this premium pet food formula trend. Pet food producers like Beneful were in the perfect position to capitalize on this trend because they had already been using extremely healthy ingredients before the market basically demanded it. Beneful now produces eight varieties of dry dog food and over twenty types of wet dog food. In addition, they provide 11 dog treat options, all specially formulated to help your dog grow healthy and strong.

Purinastore Beneful has been extremely successful in its recent advertising campaigns because its loyal customers know that it will back its products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Beneful is also known for its tight process controls and strict standards for ingredient suppliers, which makes sure that its pet food products exceed customer expectations. Beneful is poised to maintain its position as one of the top pet food producers in the industry with its creative packaging, emphasis on quality and plenty of positive facebook customer reviews.



Philip Diehl Describes The Gold Market And Urges American Investors To Invest In It.

Philip Diehl joined the U.S. Money Reserve as its president at the peak of his success at U.S. Mint as the Director. Philip Diehl had spent several years as the Director of the U.S Mint. He joined this firm when it was worth around $450 million and by the time he got the new job at U.S. Money Reserve, it was worth over $2.5 billion. The U.S. Mint was also second on the top firms with the best customer service in U.S by the time of his departure. So far, Philip Diehl has managed to make U.S Money Reserve more than just a government contracted private precious metals dealer in the country. The U.S. Money Reserve is now the most successful alternative investment firm in the history of the country. This success has been brought by Philip Diehl, who has managed to meet the market needs in the gold investment sector. Philip Diehl has put this firm back on a high-profit lane that it has never been before.

Philip Diehl recently went over to Enterprise Radio to discuss the lucrative gold investment market. Philip Diehl said that he was so glad to be the head of one of America’s pioneer firms in the market. He said that the U.S. Money Reserve has made a lot of progress throughout the years to reach its current position. This government contracted firm has been able to serve its clients diligently throughout the years. It offered American investors a safe haven for investment and helped them earn large profits from their investments. Phillip Diehl says that gold is a valuable part of the world’s trade history whose value has never been eroded throughout all the years. He says that gold is one commodity whose value has always been appreciating no matter the prevailing economic situation. He adds that the supply of gold in the world is very limited, and there is never going to an excess of supply that may negatively affect its prices. To add on this, he says that since gold is associated with class and social status, its demand will always be present in the market.

Philip Diehl says that all American investors should take advantage of the new gold investment products from U.S. Money Reverse and invest. He says that the U.S. Money Reserve has currently reviewed its policies and given room to the bigger part of the population to invest in gold coins and bullion. He says that with the new policies, investors have flexible terms of investments that favor them. You can like US Money Reserve on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


Thor Halvorssen Talks About Human Rights and Bernie Sanders

Thor Halvorssen, founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, was recently a featured guest on Fox Business Network’s show ‘The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan’ to discuss his views on the socialist agenda proposed by presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. As a widely recognized human rights activist, he offered a unique perspective on the dangers of embracing socialist policies without adequate checks against the central government obtaining too much power over its own citizens. Halvorssen qualifies his concerns about the potential effects of socialist policies by explaining that when governments have the proper safeguards in check, it is possible to have a successful socialist regime without massive human rights violations. In fact, Thor Halvorssen cites Denmark as an example of a country where socialism has worked without rampant human rights violations against its citizens.

Instead of getting bogged down in semantics or a purely academic discussion of different political philosophies, Halvorssen concentrates on his very practical concerns about the potential for socialist governments to spiral out of control into authoritarian regimes. First and foremost, Halvorssen is, at his core, an international human rights activist. Because of this, Halvorssen has decided to endorse Senator Sanders over the Democratic Party front runner Hillary Clinton. Halvorssen explained that he has far more serious concerns about Hillary Clinton’s political and personal association with many known dictators around the world. While Halvorssen believes that the free market and freedom of choice are the best ways to promote the protection of human rights around the globe, he is not prepared to write off socialism as potentially beneficial to some classes in society in very limited circumstances.

Halvorssen has a very personal connection to human rights abuses by an authoritarian government. His father was a political prisoner at the hands of the government of Venezuela. Later, his mother was shot at a peaceful political protest in Venezuela. Even right now, his first cousin is a political prisoner being held captive in Venezuela. Given Halvorssen’s very personal experience with authoritarian governments, his commentary in this interview provides incredible insight into the potential pitfalls of democratic socialist policies.

Coriant’s Technology Company

Coriant has been in the technology business since the early 90s. However, at this time it did not go by Coriant. In fact, it wasn’t even its own company. It was one of the many divisions of Nokia Siemens. Starting out in the bowels of the company, the Coriant division started as a networking software and hardware designer. Of course, at this time, the Internet was just starting to take off, so the hardware required to provide suitable data transfers within a company did not prove overly drastic. As time pushed on though, Coriant saw its productivity and requirements grow, thanks to the continually growing data infrastructure around the world. Now, the need for this kind of equipment is at an all time high. With that being said, Coriant grew within Nokia Siemens, so when another company moved in to take over Siemens, Coriant spun out and became its own, private entity. With this growth and development, it has become a major, independent company offering products and services to necessary companies all around the world. Of course, as it became its own, independent organization, it became apparent it needed its own CEO. The CEO needed to have the experience of running a company while also the experience of working within the tech field. That is exactly why Coriant decided to bring in Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO.

So what made Coriant decide Shaygan would be the right CEO for the job? It stands as his background, which is extremely impressive for the tech field (especially the networking field Coriant is positioned in). For starters, Shaygan holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. This education helped spur him on to a position working with Verizon producing the fiber optics FiOS network, along with the DVR the company would use. On top of this, Shaygan eventually went on to work on the board of directors for Barclays, the major international financial company. This helped give him the financial backing that is heavily desired for a CEO. Plus, after serving on the board of directors for the financial company, he eventually went on to work as the CEO for Juniper Networks. While he enjoyed his time with the company, when Coriant offered him the position, he decided to take the job as CEO. Now he is running the company that is right in his wheelhouse as he has the education and experience to run the business.

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The high prices in the New York City real estate have been celebrated by many investors who think that it will serve to keep the industry’s economic serenity. Many new companies are flocking the industry in pursuit of these good prices which directly implies higher commissions for brokers. The influx of investors into New York is going to change the nature of business in this city. There are many changes to expect from whatever is happening in the real estate sector in New York. Some of the companies that had been there before are making their ways back. They may not cite the high prices as being their reason for seeking slots in the city’s real estate, but it will always be something related to that.

Many companies that were recently established in the New York real estate are now considered as having attained the full growth that is needed for a company to be considered a big real estate company. In other cities and regions, it is not common for companies to achieve the rapid growths same as those that are experienced in New York. Many theories have therefore been created to explain the growths. Some would say that the growths are as a result of the high prices and rates. Others think that the companies that have been able to grow are only skilled in taking full advantage of the economic situation in New York. Town Residential CEO is not of the idea that New York is an economically friendly zone for real estate companies. He argues that companies have earned success through their good management which has enabled them to identify the lucrative side of the sector.

Town Residential was founded in 2010 and has risen through the ranks to be a giant company in New York real estate. It is owned by the same person who established Citi Habitats some years before the founding of Town Residential. Town Residential has a significant client base that it sells the franchise to. Trusting one’s property with an agent company with a vast range of customers can guarantee a quick service.

Who to Turn to When Your Wikipedia Page is Hacked

The amazing free online encyclopedia that is Wikipedia is a wonderful exposure for individuals and organizations. That is, until it gets wrecked by random edits. This has just happened to Leonardo DiCaprio’s wiki pages. As he is celebrating a long-deserved Oscar award win, one of his overly exuberant fans peppered his filmography Wikipedia page with a clearly heartfelt message that is most unwelcome to the readability of the page. However well meant, it is another case of a wiki page being defaced. The very openness of Wikipedia to everyone in the whole world, both the read and to add and edit content is a double-edged sword. This is why some wiki pages are locked. Anyone can edit any unlocked page incorrectly, whether accidentally or maliciously.

There has been a great deal of pent up excitement over Leo finally getting what many feel he has always deserved. This came after him being nominated for an Academy Award five times, yet not winning one until now. He received the Oscar for his movie, ‘The Revenant’, along with BAFTA and Golden Globe awards. As he was thanking his directors and everyone else he has ever worked with, his Wikipedia page was essentially being hacked. What can be done when such unwanted edits occur or if someone were to make a Wikipedia page that is inaccurate? 

The solution Leo should turn to, not only to correct his wiki page, but for ongoing maintenance is Get Your Wiki. They are Wiki experts for hire that are experienced and very successful at both creating great Wikipedia pages and they act as a Wikipedia editing service. They offer a free quote within 24 hours, a money back guarantee if a page is removed for any reason by Wikipedia management, and their pages are SEO smart. Their wiki pages consistently come up as one of the first 3 results in an online Search.

The Wiki writers at Get Your Wiki are sages of Wikipedia lore, all its special features, the required style and formatting, and inclusion of correct source references. They also offer a great wiki page maintenance service to quickly automatically fix any wrong edits to their clients’ pages. Plus, they include any new updating needed on a page as a free part of the service. They also offer some specialty services, such as creation of associated pages translated into other languages. Find out more about Get Your Wiki’s services here:

QNET Supports Female Entrepreneurs Around The World

Anyone familiar with direct selling corporation QNET knows that charity is at the core of what the company does. QNET’s corporate values are inspired by one of the world’s most charitable and celebrated figures: Mahatma Ghandi. Ghandi is celebrated as a hero for responding to injustices that plagued the society he lived in with peace and endurance. His approach to creating social change in India inspired other leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. to make peace one of the core values of the American Civil Rights movement. QNET seeks to follow the examples that Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. set by putting selflessness at the core of how it operates as a company with a global reach. It also seeks to practice selflessness by making sure it considers the needs of its employees as much as possible. 

Get to know #QNET concept of Absolute Living:

Posted by QNET (Official) on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

As the United States celebrates Women’s History Month and nations around the world prepare for celebrations on International Women’s Day this March, QNET seeks to focus on a demographic that is critical to its success: young women entrepreneurs. As so many development agencies that work with women have found out, when given the tools, women can be core drivers of economic growth and economic success. There is a proverb that essentially says that when a woman is educated, a nation is educated as a result. This same principle applies to the concept of employment. When women in countries around the world are employed, their families and communities tend to benefit from their improved economic situations. This is why QNET is invested in the economic empowerment of women around the world. 

QNET supports women’s rights by hiring women in countries like India, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Rwanda and the Philippines as Independent Representatives.

After a fruitful training session in #Turkey. ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽#QNET

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Independent Representatives have the opportunity to launch their own businesses by selling QNET’s products. As a QNET representative told news site Gulf News 24/7, women make up the majority of the people employed in the direct selling business. According to the Direct Selling Association, nearly 75 percent of the direct selling workforce is female. QNET enables its female employees to work in a field that allows them to be caretakers and entrepreneurs without the hassle of having to seek out investors or loans to start a capital intensive business. The female entrepreneurs working for QNET empower themselves and other women by selling products that meet the needs of female customers.