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Yeonmi Park’s Escape From North Korea

On March 31, 2007 a thirteen year old North Korean girl named Yeonmi Park began her journey to freedom with her mother. To Yeonmi this journey was not for freedom, it was for survival and survival meant escaping the inhumane regime of North Korea. Today the 22 year old author is a human rights activist who advocates for victims of human trafficking and is working to promote human rights around the globe especially for North Koreans by telling her story in her Amazon released book.
Yeonmi and her mother decided to flee North Korea when her father was arrested for violating laws against black market sales in order to make ends meet during the countries economic collapse in the 1990’s. This arrest left her family in dyer living conditions and tainted the family name. Yeonmi describes her living conditions of starvation and dead bodies on the streets of North Korea as normal in her interview with “I had no idea what freedom was, I’ve never even heard the word before. I had no concept of the word. To me freedom meant a large bowl of warm bread,” says Yeonmi in a Reason interview.

After crossing the frozen Yalu River and arriving in China Yeonmi’s very first encounter with China was to discover that the person assisting herself and her mother intended to rape and sell both of them or send them back to North Korea. Yeonmi states her mother was raped and sold right on the spot in order to protect her. Two years later Yeonmi agreed to become her owners mistress in return for her father and mother however, her father ill with cancer, never made it.

After her fathers death her owner decided to let her go. It was at this time that Yeonmi met Christian missionaries in China who told them how to get to South Korea. Yeonmi states that a member of the Christian missionary told her if they went to South Korea they would be free. Yeonmi and her mother crossed the Gobi desert in 2009 to get to Mongolia where they remained in a camp until they were shipped to South Korea.

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New Summer Favorites, Why I am JustCrazy for JustFab

What tax season is to an accountant, summer is to the fashion blogger. Each spring retailers on roll out their newest and brightest summer looks while bloggers help the rest of the world break down and understand these styles.

This spring, I decided to look inside my own closet and figure out what wardrobe staples I was lacking, to better determine where my fashion budget should be focused. (Yes I list fashion as a real budget expense, and strongly suggest you do the same!)

As all too many women understand, the component of my wardrobe most desperately needing some vamping was-you guessed it-footwear!!

In the past I have blogged about some of my favorite chain shoe retailers including DSW. (I am a big fan.) This spring, however, I decided to (FINALLY) jump on the JustFab bandwagon and see for myself just what all the hype was about.

To my surprise, the hype is not at all hype but rather well-deserved praise for an amazing (and my new favorite) online retailer!!

I spend my living helping other women breakdown fashion, mainly by giving them tricks and tools to match current trends to their own personal style. JustFab, does the same exact thing. Before becoming a member of JustFab, I was prompted to take a brief style survey to help the website display the best fashion matches for me. Unlike other sites, the survey was actually fun, easy, super-fast, and informative! Examples were shown in look-book style pictures and I got to choose which look I liked out of each. JustFab immediately takes a lot of the guess work out of shopping by matching customers to styles they truly feel comfortable, and fashionable, wearing. Something tells me the computer-generated looks truly are compatible with customer style choices. I am now browsing back and forth between the most beautiful aquamarine suede fringe ankle strap stilettos, and a classic, clean, linen blazer. (How do I choose? How? How?) That’s right, my prior knowledge of JustFab was very ignorant. They have CLOTHES too!!

As I began very excitedly browsing through the clothing section, I soon realized JustFab once again had broken down “looks” into categories I knew my readers would appreciate just as much as I do. You’re looking for a certain style, but you aren’t exactly sure what that should entail, no worries! JustFab lists categories and subcategories (with sickly adorable names) to help you find exactly what you might not even know you are looking for! For example, they have a total of 228 “looks” to choose from, broken down into categories like night out, work looks, vacation looks, romper/jumpsuit looks, and summer dress looks. Customers also have the option of choosing to narrow their searches by using a style profile filter which features five styles. Women can choose from:

Girl Next Door- think jean jackets, florals, belted camis, t-shirt dresses, etc. a la Anne Hathaway

Trendsetter- a fun fresh summer collection with a very hippie/bohemian vibe. This look features a ton of the greatest gladiators, goucho pants, loose knits, and jumpsuits. Think Lana Del Rey at Coachella

Femme Nouveau-girly girly girly!! Love this style profile! It featured a ton of great wrap dresses, large, graphic prints, some very leggy looks, flats, and neutral pumps. Definitely think Lauren Conrad.

Bombshell- This was absolutely my personal favorite style profile. This look featured a lot of sophisticated and flirty items. There were many fitted looks and some very sexy silouhettes!! Picture Sex and the City meets 90210.

Modern Classic- The last of the profiles delivered a gorgeous array of nautical components, layered looks, crisp blazers, and statement handbags. This look was very J.Crew having lunch on a sailboat.
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If you are ready to refresh your wardrobe this summer (which you absolutely deserve to) and need just a little guidance to get inspired, JustFab makes shopping intentional, easy, and fabulous.

The Successful Reign Of Martin Lustgarten In The Banking Sector

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most influential donors who are known for their environment preservation. Investor Lustgarten is an experienced humanitarian who have been recently running some charitable works in the United States. He is recently financing a GoFundMe campaign advocating for the urgency of providing shelter to the street dogs as they are in great danger of being terminated.

Being a man of diverse talents, Martin Lustgarten is not only a skilled fundraiser but also an investment banker. Martin has been in the investment sector for more than 12 years, an instance that has led him to earn considerable expertise in the financial market. Sir Lustgarten recently lives in Florida where he offers consultation services and as an agent in the issuance of bonds. Mr. Lustgarten is among the successful investors in the United States.

Investment banking is a unique type of business that helps governments and institutions to raise funds by acting as the intermediary between the company and the investors. Investments banks are specially designed to offer quality services in mergers and acquisitions and the trade of commodities in the capital market. Investment banking is two sided. One of the major sides of the investment banking is the sell side, and another one is termed as the buy side.

As a banker, Martin Lustgarten is equipped to offer services such as securities promotion and trading securities. The major funds involved in investment banking include the hedge funds, which is familiar to most people. In many instances, hedge funds are used by the banks manager in placing significant bets. Other types of funds include the unit trusts, private equities, and life insurance.

The organizational structure of investment banks is a bit different from commercial banks. Investment banks feature three types of the department which include the middle office, the front office, and the back office. The key customers of investment banks are the investors, who are involved in buying securities, and the corporations, that issues the securities. The largest established investment banks major in purchase and sale of institutional products, an act that is done on behalf of the other banks and the major clients.

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Twitter: @mlustgarten2

How Wen Gives A Hair Makeover

If you’re a Haircare enthusiast, you’ve probably seen the QVC commercials of a product line called Wen. This Haircare product collection features a highly buzzed about product called the cleansing conditioner. Dean Chaz, the creator of the products, made this special conditioner to minimize the time it takes to care for your hair. It’s a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one magical bottle. And the best part? There’s a cleansing conditioner for any and every hair type! Not only that but Chaz Dean is known to style the hair of all of our favorite celebrities and has been a hair professional for many, many years.
In a recent article circulating on facebook, one young woman decides that she will try out WEN hair so that she can find out if it really works it’s magic. She’s uses the product for one week and shares her results with the Internet. To see the results, go to this page: The results she shares were overall pretty great. Normally, she has thin hair and was looking for a boost of volume to ease her styling difficulties. By the end of her experiment she not only had increased volume, but she had excellent shine, soft hair and just healthier looking and feeling hair in general.

The experiment ended up being a success and proves the overall benefits of Wen hair products. She was getting compliments from friends left and right and the transformation was just simply noticeable. If you’re looking to give your hair a makeover, try one of Wen’s hair products, preferably the Amazon sweet almond cleansing conditioner. You won’t be disappointed. Visit and try it today!


Coriant Comeback? Shaygan Kheradpir Vision For Growth Innovation!


The climate of today’s competitive telecommunication industry has some companies panicking, especially when patenting next-gen technology innovations. At Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir took up office replacing former chief executive Pat DiPietro. Kheradpir also occupies the seat of chairman seconded by his vice-chair DiPietro. Optical networks vendor, Coriant seeks to expand its market presence to surpass that of its competitors Infinera, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and Ciena. With Tellabs, Sycamore and NSN (Nokia Siemens Network) combined technologies, Coriant rises as a formidable contender. It has eyes on greater accomplishments as Kheradpir takes up the mantle of chief leadership.

Coriant goals comprise optimizing their reputation as a packet-optical systems supplier to carriers and large-scale consumers. Its rivals ZTE, Ciena, and Infinera saw performance climbs in 2014, a statistical report by IHS Infonetics highlighted. Coriant continues to attract global telecom carriers, including TSIC (TeliaSonera International Carrier), NBN, China Unicom and BSNL. With telecommunications technology industry fixated on driving innovations and optimizing efficiency across all platforms, Coriant strives for an excellent turnover. It’s engaged the vehicles to enhance service agility, automation and programmability standards. A Marilyn Partners subsidiary, Coriant began operation in 2013. Its specialization comprises MSPP Solutions, Optical LAN/Broadband Access, Intelligent Network Management, Packet Optical Transport Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, Integrated Optical Planning and Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions. It operates globally with head offices in the U.S. and Germany.

Technology and business leader Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornell University. He holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree in engineering from the said institution. He previously served Cornell University Engineering Council and U.S. NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Technology) as an advisor. His appointment as Coriant has impressive perks taking into account his twenty-eight-year-long career. A prolific brand and leadership, Kheradpir commanded industry heavyweights such as GTE Corporation (Verizon), Barclays and Juniper Networks. His leadership resonates with companies he’s worked. In almost three decades landing employment with different corporations, Kheradpir operated across financial services, technology, and telecommunication channels.

As Verizon Wireless former CIO (Chief Information Officer) and Executive Vice-president, Kheradpir executed product initiatives, systems efficiency, modernization, and innovation. In fact, he was an instrumental force in the introduction of FiOS. Barclays TRANSFORM initiative which comprised the remodeling of branches across fifty different countries is another project he spearheaded as the group’s Chief Technology and Operations Officer. As Juniper Networks chief executive, Kheradpir fixated interest on the group’s strategic growth of High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder. He worked alongside Coriant senior managers as an operating partner before he transitioned to leadership.

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Beneful’s Baked Delights Allow Dogs to Revel in Flavor

A common misunderstanding is that dogs do not have taste buds. As studies have developed and the evolution of the dog’s tongue has been concisely understood, an answer has finally been able to put all of the other theories to rest. Yes, dogs do have taste buds, and taste the same flavors that humans are able to indulge in. With a higher salt tolerance as a result of their natural diet, dogs love treats of all flavors, even the salty ones. With all of this in mind, shopping for dog food with flavor and a nutritional value in mind is crucial. Thankfully, has all areas covered with their Baked Delights Treats line. (complete list of products here:
1. Heartfuls: These tasty morsels have a chewy, soft center. Rich apple flavored filling and real bacon enrich the flavor of these treats. Positive reviews from proud pooch parents are regularly seen in regards to these morsels.

2. Snackers: The name says it all: these treats are the perfect snack for your dog. Natural and artificial peanut butter is among the most popular flavors. Rich cheese flavors fall closely on the popularity scale as well.

3. Stars: Baked Delight Stars come in two flavor combinations: chicken and cheese or bacon and cheese. The nutrients and protein found in chicken give dogs the strength they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The bacon gives that added salt that dogs cannot get enough of, and helps maintain hydration levels in canines.

4. Hugs: Rich in flavors containing beef and cheese, these treats coincide with your dog’s love of salt and the natural need to regularly eat meat.

Beneful dog treats and all products can be purchased online on Amazon.

Success Built From Intelligence: A Shaygan Kheradpir Story

Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Remaining stagnant is a great disservice to both you and those you have the ability to serve. An article was published by BC Exploration discussing highly intelligent, Shaygan Kheradpir’s, appointment to Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Coriant in late September 2015. Surpassing previous CEO, Pat DiPietro, Kheradpir has the knowledge and experience to grow Coriant beyond its current capabilities.

Once an Operating Partner at Martin Equity Partners, Shaygan Kheradpir maintained a healthy relationship with Coriant’s senior management team, which ultimately landed him this esteemed position. Coriant is responsible for supplying over one-hundred countries with the innovative solutions for network operations. With nearly three decades worth of experience in executive positions in industries such as technology, financial services, and telecommunications, Kheradpir will prove incredibly useful in expanding Coriant’s capabilities in areas of technology solutions that influence the market.

After obtaining the trifecta of a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate from Cornell University for electrical engineering, the man who rivals Einstein went on to work for big name companies such as Verizon, Juniper Networks, and Barclay’s. In fact, he developed the advanced mobile payments software, Pingit. His tireless efforts, motivated personality, and intelligence undoubtedly lead this man to achieve great accolades in high IQ industries. Targeting such an esteemed audience is no easy feat, but Kheradpir surely does just fine.

Born in London and raised in Iran, the driven individual must have gotten his motivation from his father, who was an otolaryngologist. Using that motivation, Kheradpir moved to the United States to attend university. After obtaining his degrees, he embarked on his first job at GTE Laboratories. Focusing on network routing at this job, his success lead him to become the Chief Information Officer at this corporation. After ten years, he then decided to work for Verizon Communications, where he was President of their e-business department. Here, he truly transformed the way that the company operated and made it a flawless, automated corporation. All of these achievements and years of dedicated service lead Kheradpir to where he is today.

To finalize, some individuals possess an intelligence that is often thought to be unattainable. People like Shaygan Kheradpir, however, combine their knowledge with a thirst for success and become unstoppable. Influencing a multitude of high intelligence markets, this individual will be responsible for great things in a vast variety of industries.