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The Benefits Of Studying Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a 5000-year-old wisdom that reveals to human beings how life and the universe work. The word Kabbalah is a Hebrew word meaning ‘to receive’. Through these teachings, human beings can achieve the elusive fulfillment in their lives.
Kabbalah teaches on all aspects of life. Teachings on health, careers and relationships are fully covered in this ancient wisdom. Unlike other teachings, Kabbalah originates from the same trunk and helps individuals understand the complex way that the universe operates.
The teachings propagated by Kabbalah are universal and apply to all religions and faiths. In addition, the teachings do not discriminate against an ethnicity or people originating from any place around the globe. Another unique thing about Kabbalah is that individuals studying it are not forced to think in a particular manner. They are free to enjoy their unique line of thinking. Kabbalah is a strict platform for sharing information and not for coercing people into spirituality.
Studying Kabbalah helps individuals to understand themselves better, achieve personal fulfillment and contribute to the society. It helps one to enjoy a healthy relationship, great health, happiness, love and financial security. It also answers all the difficult questions that are always asked by many people. Some of these questions touch on one’s existence and purpose in life.
As one studies Kabbalah, he or she develops a better understanding of not only himself or herself, but also that of the universe and the environment. Personal experiences and tribulations become clear, and so are the purposes and reasons behind them.
About Kabbalah Centre
Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles, California. The centre is a non-profit organization that uses online and city-based study groups to teach Zohar and Kabbalah. Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein founded the organization in New York City back in 1965. The Kabbalah Centre was then moved to Los Angeles in 1984.
Yehuda and Michael, sons of Berg, are the current leaders of the non-profit organization. The organization is strictly focused on teaching Kabbalah. The center is not a religious organization. This uniqueness enables the Centre to serve people from various religions including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jews. The teachings provided by Kabbalah Centre are aimed at supplementing one’s religion and are available on the website.

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Wen by Chaz Tested by Emily McClure

For women, their hair has a special meaning. It is almost magical that a woman in a tight bun can unbridled her hair and change in seconds from a master of industry or commerce to become and enchantress, a symbol of feminine beauty. Men and women admire long manageable hair on women. When famous singer Sinead O’Connor shaved her head the world went crazy and her reputation among audiences who judge talent sometimes by physical beauty alone was impacted. Megan Kelly, a newscaster on Fox News, cut off most of her beauty queen long blonde locks as a way of becoming more serious and trustworthy as a newscaster.

Women with problem hair carry the added burden of trying, sometimes in vain, to compete with long, strong thick hair which is the prize of beauty judges. The color does not matter but the thickness, the illusion of the enchantress does. Read the Guthy Renker product review here:

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger, and she admits to having fine, unmanageable hair, the curse of beauty queens. She found a product, Wen by Chaz Dean [visit:], which promised to do all the necessary things to make hair manageable and beautiful to look at. McClure was impressed and took on the advertised claims of the Sephora endorsed product in a seven-day study of how the product claims held up under her test circumstances. Readers of the blog saw her progression from returning from a trip disheveled and tired to the final product after the completion of the seven-day trial. For readers, McClure entertained and educated us, and at the end of the trial, we saw her beautiful hair as proof of the product claims. We were impressed with her dogged portrayal of the product claims and her candid examination of WEN by Chaz. At the end of the seven-day mission, she was impressed by the product but was it worth the high Amazon cost?

The Life Of Solo Shah

The first thing someone should known about Sanjay Shah is he started Solo Capital after the financial crash in 2008. Before all of that he worked for other financial institutions like, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. When he was spending hours commuting to and from work and ten hours a day at the office working for someone else, then the market was collapsing around him. Moving to the outskirts of London he rented a small room where he started a brokerage company that would soon grow bigger than he imagined. His dreams were on the verge of coming true a few short years after starting his first company. The small company he started now employs thousands, and instead of a tiny room his company owns buildings. Sanjay Shah Wanted to be a doctor and tried for years, but then decided it was not for him so he gave it up.

When his youngest son was diagnosed with autism Sanjay Shah then started a charitable company for autism called, autism rocks. This is when he began to be noticed because his charity was built on bringing awareness to autism. He came up with the idea for autism rocks while having tea with world famous rapper Snoop Dog. This company has done many benefits and concerts in order to raise awareness for autism. It is also a company that researches autism.

His company Solo, or Solo Capital Limited, is known for a number of things including, professional sport investments, consulting, and proprietary trading. This financial organization started in September of 2011. He now owns dozens of companies across London Dubai, and the British Virgin Islands. Even though he is considered to be retired his net worth is said to be near 280 million dollars. He has recently acquired the trump towers in Chicago which is a huge building with a 360 degree view.


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The Resilient and Determined Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a direct marketing genius who has led startups into big business entities. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics a fashionable athletic brand of JustFab. He is the co- CEO of JustFab Inc, a fashion retailer. The company was cofounded with Adam Goldenberg in 2010, and its headquarters are in El Segundo California. Don Ressler has spearheaded the development of brands such as FabKids, FL2 and ShoeDazzle. With inspirations from his wife Ginger, Fabletics has developed and is growing rapidly as fashionable active wear is gaining popularity.

About JustFab Inc.
Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are a rare partnership that seeks to build and grow businesses and brands; JustFab has gained membership of over 10 Million in the few years it has been in operation. The company started as an online clothing retailer and it is now opening physical stores. The duo has partnered with several people and entities that have helped grow the business. Kate Hudson is one partner who has developed the Fabletics brand and Oliver Hudson is advertising the FL2 men wear. Partnership with People Style Watch for capsule collection has boosted the company’s sales. JustFab is available countries, UK, Canada, US, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. With Kimora Lee Simmons as president and creative designer, the company is believed to have reached $ 1 Billion valuations.

Don’s Previous Experiences
Don Ressler started his excellence in online advertising as a founder of FitnessHeaven. The company was later purchased by Intermix Media. Don partnered with Adam, who was then the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix, and formed the Alena Media and Hydroderm skin care brand. News Corps acquired Intermix, and the duo proceeded on to build Brand Ideas. They had creations such as DERMSTORE and SENSA, products that were highly profitable. Brand Ideas later changed to Intelligent Beauty the company that oversaw the creation of JustFab. Currently, Intelligent Beauty is generating millions in revenue with the number increasing every year.

Don Ressler is an example of a resilient and determined person who knows nothing but success for what he decides to do. He is optimistic that JustFab and Fabletics will grow to be the next H&M and be worth more than $4 Billions.

Class Dojo to Spread Message About Growth Mindset

Class Dojo, an educational app, has taken their community mindset one step further. In a partnership with Stanford, they both have decided to launch a series of growth mindset videos to help children understand the concept with their favorite monsters. Growth mindset is the philosophy that intelligence and ability are not something you are born with, but something you can achieve over time.

The series will be released in five clips with an accompanying discussion guide for the classroom. Each clip will be released via youtube and ClassDojo’s site a week apart. Class Dojo and Stanford’s partnership helped to create these videos in hopes to help student’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Stanford believed that ClassDojo was the right channel to release these videos due to the popularity and usage of the app. Stanford typically develops programs for teachers and parents not students. They want to help students understand how education can be a struggle and through growth mindset it can be achieved. Stanford will offer their own toolkit with lesson plans and ideas for use in the classroom and at home.

Since this project is a study, they will be releasing a survey for after the videos to see how effectively it worked. The goal is to see how it effected teacher practices, student engagement, and student performance. This project is huge for ClassDojo because it marks the first time they will use their software as a way to distribute material. If effective, teachers and students should expect to see more to come.

Class Dojo is an app/website free for teachers, students, and parents to use. It is easy for the teachers to set up and customize their virtual classrooms. These classrooms can be customized and used for behavior tracking, communication between teachers and parents, and shared memories in the classroom, such as the video and picture features. It is a communication platform that is widely used in schools, about 2 in 3 use the app, to help create a community within the classroom.

Teachers love the easy to use software. Parents enjoy the empowerment of receiving information on their child’s progress. Students like the competition to earn points and their monster icons. This app has transformed the way teachers send home information, helping to effect a ground up change.


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