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Lip Balm And You: EOS Meets All Balm Needs

Living in the desert region of Southern California results in a lot of dry skin. While out on the town, without much water, lips can become dry and flaky. A woman’s arsenal of go-to tools should always include a supple lip balm. Fortunately, women have a lot of options when it comes to lip balm, whether they want extra moisturizing, sparkly, or organic. Any way a lady likes her balm, it is essential for soft, attractive lips.
Some preferred brands of balm include regular Chapstick, with their cooling mint and cherry. Another lip balm juggernaut is Burt’s Bees, who offers a huge range of natural and organic balms for all needs. They also make tinted, shimmering and flavored varieties.

Another of the preferred brands on the market is Evolution of Smooth, or as it is colloquially known, EOS lip balm. The balms are easily recognizable in their cute egg shape, which are easier to locate in a purse or car compared to regular chapstick tubes. EOS has created an enormous range of different types of egg-shaped balms, all dermatologist-tested, and free of dangerous chemicals and parabens. The balms are a conglomeration of moisturizing ingredients, including vitamin E, jojoba oil and soft shea butter.

There are organic balms, extra moisturizing, shimmery and visible protection, which contains sunscreen. For those ladies who require many different balms, there are variety packs available as well. EOS can be found in various store fronts all across the United States, including Target, Ulta, and pharmacy stores. In addition to brick-and-mortar emporiums, EOS has a retail website, which can be found here.

On the website, there are limited edition variety packs that include lotions too. EOS has caught the attention of many celebrity personalities and continues to become the king of lip products. Consider one of these natural egg balms for your supple, soft lips.

For more info, check out theEOS official website at, Facebook page and their company profile on Linked In.


The Role of Midas Legacy in Improving People’s Lives

Midas legacy is a firm that specializes in helping people to achieve their lifetime goals. Midas Legacy is based in Winter Garden, Florida. They help many people like investors who want to enhance their money management as well as entrepreneurs working towards better situations in life. The company also assists with wealth, health, happiness and the overall wellbeing of an individual. The Midas Legacy is admirable because it focuses on the complete package of life. They look at what individuals want to do, rather than just the finances bit.

As an entrepreneur, you can rely on Midas Legacy to assist you with your business decisions and financial decisions. With such a focus on entrepreneurs, they can operate successful businesses and create job opportunities to help other people to improve their lives. The reason why Midas Legacy stands out from the rest is that it pays attention to life aspects that other institutions ignore.

For people who want to improve your life; you will benefit from research services that the firm provides to its customers. As their client, you get assistance on how to come up with an efficient plan to ensure success in your chosen path. Midas Legacy has professionals who encourage and guide people in various ways that they want. They monitor on their customers to develop disciplines and learn different options to enable them to live a greater life.

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Making life simple for investors

The firm focuses on wealth management. Most people struggle with property management. The firm has experts in various areas of strength, and they are placed to balance natural cures and medicine. Other experts at the company specialize in assisting people with planning their retirement. They carry out research then provide their clients with necessary information. Investors get to learn how to minimize taxes and diversify their portfolios.

Clients of Midas Legacy include individual investors, individuals searching for better lives, developing entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to heal naturally and those who are looking for early retirement. The company achieves its mission by offering capital to members who have a positive effect on the lives of people in sectors like natural health, finance, retirement, real estate and entrepreneurship. For you to become a member, you get a book called Midas Code.

About Midas Legacy Retirement Calculator

A majority of people consider where they will retire an important aspect of their retirement plan. Some will consider moving from their homes, but they do not know where to live after that. Some states are better for retirees to live in while others are not. As a retiree, you can get expert advice from Midas Legacy professionals on how to escape from horrible retirement spots.

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