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CEO Don Ressler Continues His Success

Don Ressler is the face behind numerous e-commerce startups that are enjoying success. The list includes Fabletics, Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and more. Ressler’s first venture was a site called It got bought by Intermix media. Ressler was also the COO at Intermix, along with his partner Adam Goldenberg when they create Alena Media. Their e-commerce and ad department was producing a lot of profit for the company, yet when News Corp acquired them in 2005, they felt unappreciated and chose to pursue other options.

Don Ressler understands that performance marketing is a field that is growing rapidly and so he decided he would make a quality brand that he could control. They did a brand building brainstorm session with team members from Alena in the living room of Goldenberg. After two weeks, they came up with the idea for Brand Ideas, which would later turn into Intelligent Beauty.

DERMSTORE launched first, being a skincare marketplace that also sells cosmetics. They have a direct to consumer model. They also launched SENSA as reported on Pando, which is a weight loss program. Dr. Alan Hirsch was brought in to help improve the product, and they tapped Brett Brewer as CEO. Word has it that Intelligent Beauty is highly profitable, especially SENSA and DERMASTORE, even though financial records have not been released.

Don Ressler drummed up $43 million in funding after two years of bootstrapping, from a VC firm in 2008. A few years later, Intelligent beauty launched a third company, calling it JustFab. It is a subscription model that does e-commerce fashion retail. They got $33 million of funding from Matrix Partners, and Kimora Lee Simmons was brought in to be the creative director and president in September last year.

They grew to 4 million users by December. In that April, they got to 6 million. The founders leveraged this growth to get $76 million more in funding from a variety of partners. The team of Ressler then decided to expand into new markets and realized that many of their customers were actually parents, so they launched FabKids, which is a kids clothing e-commerce store. They also picked up Fab Shoes, a European fashion store. Their membership for those was up to 3 million later in the same year.

More recently, Ressler and Goldenberg founded Fabletics. It offers athletic wear. Kate Hudson is the spokesperson. They also bought out ShoeDazzle, which was a competitor of theirs. Now, they have put up their first brick and mortar store.



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The Success of Darius Fisher and his Company

For businesses that are looking to thrive far into the future and for businesses that are looking for new and innovative ways to expand across regions or even borders, one great solution is to create an online presence that encourages individuals to not only buy the products and the services that are sold, but to also keep a close relationship with the consumer. For businesses that are looking to expand as well as succeed, one industry in particular has become a great investment for those medium and smaller businesses that are looking to grow. This industry is the reputation management industry which is an industry that is a part of marketing that utilizes the internet to promote a company. Not only do the online reputation experts promote the business with up to date and positive information about the company, but it has negates any harmful reviews or even comments that could be the downfall of the company.

One individual has been able to shine within this industry due to his expertise and his experience dealing with the reputation of important and public figures in both the private as well as in the private sector. This individual is Darius Fisher who has even been recently awarded for his excellence. Darius Fisher is the proud receiver of the Business Development Individual of the year award which is given to individuals who show excellence in marketing and digital tools that not only improve a business, but also bring in more customers and revenue.

Darius Fisher was not only recognized for his expertise within the business, but was also recognized for his innovative leadership skills which have led to the growth of his business known as Status Labs. At Status Labs, the experts that work with Darius Fisher are encouraged to be creative with the solutions that they give each clients. As this business has helped over 1,500 clients in over 35 different countries around the world, it has been demonstrated numerous times that Status Labs not only brings in customers to the business, but the company is also able to keep loyal customers.

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