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The Manse on Marsh Wins the Highly Esteemed Caring Star Award

The Manse on Marsh, a leading provider of assisted living services, was named at the winner of the “Caring Star” award. The facility has cemented a leading position in the assisted living sector due to its innovative care programs. The “Caring Star” award is a prestigious program that acknowledges America-based memory care and assisted living facilities using the client ratings and testimonials in the Senior Care Directory.

Details on Caring Stars

Caring Stars are essential organizations that offer exceptional care services to the seniors on a national scale. To be nominated for the 2015 accolade, the care facility had to attain a minimum of three customer comments from December 1, 2013, to December 1, 2014. Its average rating had to exceed over four stars with all negative reviews resolved. Other factors like online reputation information were utilized in identifying the official winners.

The Caring Starts accolade program is now in its fourth year. In 2013, the National Mature Media Awards honored the program for assisting consumers in making the right senior living choices and for offering a direct response to senior living operators concerning consumer preference. Caring Stars communities are featured in local magazines and social media platforms. They are also popularized on Additionally, Caring’s family advisors are responsible for discussing these communities in senior housing referral.

The Manse on Marsh

The Manse on Marsh embraces a leading and nationally renowned Assisted Living Care Planning System. It offers services like meal reminders, medication management, and personal care services (bathing & grooming). It designs unique care programs that suit the situation of each resident. The facility ensures the senior enjoys and pays for the necessary assistance and care services. The Manse is an authority in the provision of an all-inclusive care planning system, especially in the Central Coast.

The Manse delivers unique care and upscale residence services and amenities that comprise of restaurant-quality open dining, spacious flats, suitable transportation, nurse on staff, discrete personal assistance, and social activities. The San Luis Obispo-based facility has a movie theater, a well-equipped fitness center, and a modern library. Therefore, residents are always entertained, conversant with current affairs, and physically fit.

Handy: From Startup to Multi-million

Like many other services and booking related websites, Handy was only a concept when it first started. As a startup company, they were not headed off by some huge corporate conglomerate and they were not a branch off of an already established huge business. They were just a company that thought they had a great idea and wanted to get the idea off of the ground and to the people who needed their services the most. They were just a startup like any other company that first started out as a small business in the sector that they were a part of.

When it came time to launch the business, Handy ( knew that they needed to follow the footsteps of other companies, like Uber, that provided booking services for people. They wanted people to know that they had a choice when it came to their house cleaning services and that they were able to get the most out of the things that they had in the different areas that they were in. Handy knew that they had to offer booking to be able to succeed and to help the people who needed their services the most.

It turned out that booking was exactly what the company needed. Their booking services were some of the best in the business and it gave them the chance to make things better for what they had to offer their clients. They knew that clients simply wanted to book with a cleaner. Since Handy does not provide the actual cleaning service, the booking part of things is the most important part of their business. It is something that they feel like they can do better with and something that they are hoping to expand when the time is right.

Expansion for Handy looks something like growing their site to include professional and maintenance services. While they now offer things like home cleaners, pool cleaners and even seasonal cleaners, they want to expand to things like maintenance, lawn care and even specialty landscaping. They know that they now have a huge audience with people who own homes and need home services. They know that they will be able to do more with what they have and this gives them the chance to expand. It also offers them the opportunity to make sure that things stay the same for the company while they are growing and that their original mission is always intact.


Gooee Smart Lighting Enhances and Brightens the Industry

Gooee is on a mission to bring smart lighting to everyone, every business and across every industry. Smart lighting is meant to work when you need it the way you need it, without anyone having to control lights individually, manually. When a platform is created to understand light and the conditions under which it is necessary, lighting can be installed and then controlled through automatic means. Bringing this type of platform to the industry makes it easier for the type of IoT lighting Gooee supports.

A platform that is able to provide users of all needs and sizes the capability to control their lighting systems is all each individual buyer cares about. From small residential homes to large commercial facilities, Gooee Smart Lighting has a place and use. Not only is this type of lighting practical, but it can save money, enhance a property, provide security and remote control benefits, and can be a great option for the disabled. As the applications continue to grow and the products are improved consumers have more choices in design and ways in which to incorporate them into their daily lives.

Securus Sets Course For Integrity, Gets Rewarded

The news is full of bad stories. The mainstream media tends to focus on tabloid which can obscure the real issues. And these tabloid-driven stories are often very negative which can lead to a horrible gut feeling. It is why many say that they get depressed around major elections.


But there are still good people in the world. Some of these people operate in the background without any notice from the mainstream media. They just set their moral compass, work hard and do good for the sake of doing good. That’s why we should shine a light on the people that run a company called Securus.


Securus is a technologies company that provides solutions to the law enforcement and criminal justice communities. Their main operation is to provide communications services to prisons and jails all across the country. Essentially, when a prisoner picks up the phone inside of a facility serviced by Securus, she must use the company’s services.


This is where the company has an opportunity to go wrong. Since the prisoner must use their service, they have an opportunity to charge whatever they would like. And there is really no need to have great customer service either. But this is where Securus does good for the sake of doing good.


The Better Business Bureau has rated the company and A+ for years, but Securus does not rest on its laurels. They took it one step farther by going through the BBB’s prestigious accreditation procedure. The Better Business Bureau accredits companies that are committed to honesty, trustworthiness, a commitment to privacy, integrity, a commitment to responsiveness and honesty and advertising. Securus scored high on all marks to receive the accreditation.


This company should be lauded as an example of how to run a good, ethical, American business, even during dark times.


FreedomPop Reigns Among Mobile Startups

FreedomPop succeeded immensely in a very crowded market of budget mobile phone service providers. The company has been able to do so with a very limited advertising budget. As executives from the company point out, word of mouth is the main way people learn about FreedomPop. Social Media sharing has also done a nice job of raising awareness about the Los Angeles startup and its services.


What really is the core of the company’s success? Basically, FreedomPop offers a service people want and delivers it to them with a reasonable cost. The basic service is outright free. Upon buying a phone from FreedomPop, 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data are served up at no cost. And some of those phones are really outstanding choices. Nary a FreedomPop review gets published without mentioning the exquisite brands of smartphones sold by FreedomPop.

Seriously, there is a lot to like about FreedomPop. The growing number of subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom shows customers are thrilled with the company. Getting access to 3G cellular data for free every month is a great thing on its own. The ability to upgrade for expanded service at a nominal fee is tremendous as well.

Those who wonder about what happens when they exceed their allotment need nor worry. There is an option for expanding service and this can be done at any time. Unlimited phone, text, and data can be purchased for under $20 a month. Any subscription service purchased through FreedomPop’s website is automatically topped up. So there is no need to keep going back and forth at the end of the month and manual making a charge. The system updates the account on its own. Customers, of course, can cancel the subscription service — paid or free — at any point they desire. Most are sure to stick with FreedomPop. The deal is just too good.

The same may be stated of the home internet service FreedomPop sells. Yes, home internet can be procured through FreedomPop and a corresponding modem. The cost is more than reasonable and should appeal to those who need a limited amount of internet per month. Again, expanded service is possible for those who would want it.

FreedomPop is always looking to create new services and expand into new territories. Few startups have achieved the same enthusiastic response from customers that FreedomPop has.