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Lime Crime is Making Colorful Waves

Russian native turned New Yorker, Doe Deere heads the colorful makeup company Lime Crime Cosmetics. Operating on a punk DIY ethos, she seems to do more than just hide skin imperfections. This isn’t makeup for your average conservative function. Instead, beauty is a grand affair where what’s natural doesn’t quite cut it. In 2008, Doe Deer developed and promoted her own line of magical and cruelty-free makeup. Lime Crime was the result of this effort.


The collection itself warrants attention without any beautiful models. The collection is extremely pigmented and bold. The name came from the favorite color of the Lime Crime creator. However, the business wasn’t always as successful as it is today.

Doe Deere started out small scale and achieved success on her own terms. Ms. Deere is an enthusiast of all things feminist. This extends to how she runs her business. Starting from a small ebay enterprise, she wanted people to understand early on that she had unique ideas and would not be ignored. Her original idea for a makeup brand starred back in her sewing days.


These days Doe Deere stays productive by organizing her day and keeping a good team around her. She has a quick meeting with her Creative Director in the morning and then on to the President and VP. Doe Deere rarely gets a chance to sit down at her desk these days. Bringing her ideas to life is a simple process. She focuses on concepts, waiting for inspiration patiently. This can take weeks or even months, but inevitably when the muse hits, she’s off and running. Doe Deer is usually the first to try her own products, so the idea has to be good enough to pass the self-test phase.


The colors in this makeup line are futuristic, and so is Deere’s attitude. She relates in a recent article that she is most excited about a shift to e-commerce. These consumers are typically young and creative individuals looking to stand out from the crowd. Boys and girls love Lime Crime — and they will likely look for inspiration online rather than in stores. This not only makes sales a little easier for this boutique business, but also eliminates the need for Deere to get her makeup in every major retail store out there. Besides, that is not her style. Being a true creative herself, she preferred to work from a niche market right into cult status.


Along the way, she even brought her own ideas to the ecommerce world, and reports that she has further plans to innovate the way makeup is promoted and distributed. In other words, Doe Deere is a name to look out for. Lime Crime is on the rise and whose to say what other products don’t wow her fashionista fans in the coming year?


Norman Pattiz Announces Launch of New Program, “Beyond the Darkness”

The new program, “Beyond the Darkness”, will soon be coming to The Jericho Network. The Jericho Network, run by the WWE star Chris Jericho, has been branching out from its genre of wrestling with comedy and now with a taste of the supernatural in “Beyond the Darkness” on Mondays. Chris is excited to welcome new hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, along with their many fans and to see new diversity in the subject matter. The program will focus on conversations with different respected researchers and those with first-hand experience on topics ranging from ghosts to aliens and everything in-between. The coming of “Beyond the Darkness” was announced on December 9th of last year by Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne.



The Jericho Network is part of PodcastOne, which was created in June of last year along with PodcastOne Sales and both have already made a name for themselves as leaders in podcast marketing and sales. This comes as no surprise as Norman Pattiz is known for his success in broadcasting with his companies, such as Westwood One, which he founded in 1974 and is now the largest radio network in the American broadcast industry and Alhurra Television, which reaches the entire Middle East. This success has garnered him much respect along with many awards, including several Broadcaster of the Year awards, and his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He has since left Westwood One and came across podcasting when he had a simple conversation with the Podcast Representative Kit Gray, who was working out of his home in Marina del Rey at the time.


The discussion with Kity Gray brought him the realization of just how similar radio broadcasting was with podcasting and he took the leap into this new format with PodcastOne. Pattiz embraces the new diversity of each day, as running a small business means he has a hand in everything from ad sales to technology and finds that the best way to make an idea come to life in the business to immediately implement them. The success of these new ideas depends heavily on the consumer, as Pattiz has observed that with the more free flowing nature of the information provides a more direct and democratic relationship with the people. Where many would find this daunting and intimidating, Pattiz welcomes the challenge and excited to see how this develops the budding podcast industry.

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