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Lifeline Screening Is Here To Help All Patients

Lifeline Screening is a company with the goal to make sure that people are aware of health problems that are not recognized and to also encourage them to seek out follow-up care from their own personal physician.

Lifeline Screening is the leading provider that offers community-based health screenings done on a preventative basis. They are located in the United States. The equipment that is used is all advanced ultrasound equipment and all of the healthcare professionals are highly trained to perform all of the screenings done. All of the screenings are then reviewed by physicians who are board-certified to help ensure that the results are reviewed at the highest standards. Lifeline Screening is dedicated to providing preventative health screenings done at the highest quality at rates that are affordable for all.

All of the laboratories at Lifeline Screening are CLIA-Certified. This means that they make sure to follow the regulations that have been set forth by the United States Division of Laboratory Services in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. All screenings are conducted by the medical and the ultrasound technicians and they are done so according to all of the strict protocols as well as all of the latest recommendations for the categorization of normal and of abnormal results. The technicians at Lifeline Screening are all registered or have the ability to be registered by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International or the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. All staff brings knowledge from all of their specialties to this company.

Lifeline Screening believes that all people should not only consider having a wellness plan but also a prevention plan in addition to all of their regular healthcare plans. They acknowledge that each person is unique, which is why screenings that are the most beneficial as well as appropriate for the needs of each specific person is what is offered to them. The tests that are determined for each individual person are based on risk factors, family history, medical history and personal preferences.


Why Every Girl Needs to Have a Lip Balm

Regardless of the season, lips that are not well taken care of will always sell you out. Either by cracking, darkening, chapping or drying up. Luckily, there is always a solution– lip balm. A lip balm in hand means softer, suppler and moist lips. Here are more reasons why everyone needs to have a lip balm.

Healing Benefits

If you are suffering from chapped lips, then your first option should be to get a nice lip balm to treat them. Applying a lip balm helps restore the delicate skin of your lips, thus, giving them a healthy appearance.


Lip balms contain ingredients that act as sunscreens. When ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter are used on your lips, they help protect them from the harmful rays of the sun and its effects.

Confidence Boost

A lip balm can help boost your confidence. If your lips get the treat of a lip balm regularly, they will appear supple and soft, instead of chapped and dry, which might be really embarrassing. However, with a lip balm you feel more confident being around people. This is because, a lip balm has the ability to moisturize, and making your lips appears full. It is no surprise that you will find yourself even smiling more often.

Having understood the benefits of a good lip balm, you need to know which brands are categorized in the list of excellent balms. Evolution of Smooth lip Balm Company is one of them. This is a natural, hypoallergenic, and most importantly, they are approved by dermatologists.

Evolution of smooth ( is purely made of natural ingredients, that is, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. All these ingredients have healing and rejuvenating effects. The EOS lip balms come in varying flavors, leaving you spoilt for choice.

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Talk Fusion Receives the Second Award in 2016 from the Highly Acclaimed Technology Marketing Corporation Awards

In 2016, Talk Fusion was the recipient of two awards from the coveted Technology Marketing Corporation platform. The firm received the second award on 15th August as an honor for providing the best communications solutions product in 2016. The award recognizes products that entail application of voice, data and video, and significant improvement in functionality in a period of 12 months. Talk Fusion implemented the WebRTC technology to enable live communication using either a smartphone, a desktop or a tablet. Talk Fusion launched the application’s free trials and an upgraded website in less than a year. Bob Reina revealed that Talk Fusion’s team has big plans for the All-In-One application in the coming years and will continue to set the trend for other technological companies.

During the awarding ceremony, TMC’s CEO, Rich Tehrani, expressed his enthusiasm when he named Talk Fusion winner of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products. He commended the firm for exceptional innovation and identified it as a leader in the technological industry. Talk Fusion’s chief operating officer, Ryan Page, believes that the award was well-deserved. He explained that Talk Fusion’s technical team worked diligently to produce an efficient and innovative product. According to him, the process of creation is the determinant factor in the success of the end product. Talk Fusion launched the complete application in March 2016 and gained high returns through the effort of the aggressive and smart independent sales people.

Talk Fusion is a communications solutions provider specializing in the creation and distribution of the All-In-One Video Chat application. According to the chief executive officer and founder, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s application is a groundbreaking progress to professionals around the world. The Video Chat application is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores and compatible with a wide variety of devices. The app allows its users to forge relationships with customers through the live chat feature, and increase their business opportunities through online marketing. Talk Fusion markets its product through independently contracted associates in over 140 nations. Bob Reina is passionate about the marketing strategy and revealed that it gives him the pleasure to help people financially by opening more marketing vacancies.

The Research Journals of the Wessex Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a learning institute in England. The three main agendas are to conduct research, arrange conferences and publish journals. Dozens of organizations and universities work closely with the researchers at WIT. There are at least 8 open access journals, published by WIT Press, that are widely read by international audiences. The International Journal of Environmental Impacts is scheduled to be launched in 2018.

Design & Nature and Ecodynamics

The International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics is published in conjunction with the annual conference. The journal connects educators and researchers by The Wessex Institute of Technology careers in the fields of science, nature and humanities. Recent publications include subject matters about geographic diversity, agricultural sustainability and bioclimatism in relation to architecture.Also visit:

Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements

The International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements contains research papers about the use of computers in scientific and engineering experiments. Common topics are thermal sciences, computer interactions in experiments and biomedical research.The 7 journals are available digitally and in print. Readers can download sample copies on the WIT Press website or subscribe as members to receive the full issues. There are 4 to 8 issues that are published quarterly or bimonthly each year.