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The Reopening of Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I airport was beforehand owned and ran by the government of Samoa in partnership with Polynesian airline back when its airstrip was covered with grass. The airport was closed down and later reopened in 2002. On January 2005, it was withdrawn by the government and closed down once again due to the villager concerns for safety and the noise the airport produced. The airport underwent some renovations and constructions before Polynesian airlines reopened it as a public airport on July 1st, 2009 and international flights were introduced to Pago Pago, American, and Samoa. The Samoa Airport Authority is the owner and operator of the airport. The airport serves Apia which is the capital of Samoa, and it is the secondary airport after Apia Faleolo Airport. Its IATA code is FGI, and its ICAO code is NSF, and it is located in Fagali’I Utah in Samoa. There are four airlines that have operated in the airport. These include; Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. However, only Talofa Air and Polynesian airlines are currently operating at the airport. This is because the other two were closed down due to violations and breaching of Civil Aviation rules and regulations. Talofa Air was established in August 2016, and it operates flights within the Polynesian regions in both Faleolo and Fagali’I airports.

After reopening the Fagali’I airport, the Polynesian airline had over 30 flights scheduled for the Pago Pago route. According to Brent Schwenke, the local general manager for the Polynesian airline, flights were filling out very fast especially on the weekends and Fridays. The airport is mostly used for day-time flight services while the Faleolo International airport was to take overnight flights if there will be any required. Due to the village concerns about safety and the environmental impact the airport would bring, the Samoa Airport Authorities and The Pacific Aviation Office (PASO) conducted a civil safety inspection of the airport and approved the safety standards. Due to lack of enough space and short runways, planes from both SPEX and Interisland are not able to land at the airport; therefore, they were redirected to Faleolo Airport where there was enough runway for landing.

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Screenings At Life Line Screening Are Non-invasive And Painless And Are Beneficial For Timely Detection Of Ailments

Most of the time, people discover that they are having a chronic disease when at its last stages where nothing much can be done. They eventually lead to death which could have been avoided if the disease was caught in its early stages.

People can ensure that they are never caught unaware of ailments such as cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes by undergoing regular screening at Life Line Screening.

Diet and Clothing

For screenings to show the appropriate results, patients are required to follow specific instructions that include taking the right food or abstaining from it for some hours. Some of the procedures that require patients not to eat are the complete lipid panel, glucose screening and 6 for life package that calls for 12 hours fast. The abdominal aortic aneurysm needs only four hours fast. This fasting excludes the diabetes patients who are advised to follow their diet plan and medication. The rest are allowed to have only water and medication if under treatment.

All screenings at Life Line Screening requires patients to have the right clothing that does not obstruct the procedure. The abdominal aortic aneurysm, ankle-brachial index, 6 for life package and artificial fibrillation requires loose clothing that is two-piece. The last-mentioned requires patients not to apply any oil and not to wear a pantyhose and a watch. The carotid artery disease screening calls for a shirt that is open at the collar and is short-sleeved.

The Procedures

Most of the screenings are non-invasive which translates to no pain so patients should not shy away. The health practitioner measures the height and the weight before proceeding with the screening. Procedures that require blood tests involve a small prick to the index or ring finger for blood collection. Some procedures such as the bone density screening involve an ultrasound machine. The patient places a barefoot on it for some few minutes. Another procedure that involves an ultrasound machine is the Peripheral arterial disease which is used in measuring the limb’s systolic pressure. The same procedure involves arterial fibrillation screening using electrodes placed on the wrist or collarbones and ankles.

Patients going for the carotid artery screening should expect to lie on their back and have gel applied to the neck. The procedure then involves a transducer that assesses the blood flow rate in the carotid arteries. The same process applies to the abdominal aortic aneurysm screening with the gel applied to the abdomen. The transducer checks the abdominal aorta for any enlargement in this case.

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Taking Advantage of Productivity with Bridget Scarr

Sometimes, people get the idea of success as being someone who is constantly working tirelessly on different projects with his company. The truth is that this is not practical. As a matter of fact, one of the successful entrepreneurs is Bridget Scarr, who is a creative director for her own company. She has worked for years as a producer who has helped to bring other people’s ideas to life. Once she has gained the experience and confidence, she has started her own production studio with the name of Collibri Studios. This is where she comes up with ideas of plenty of different projects.


One thing that stands out about Bridget Scarr is that she has a good work life balance. She works a few hours in the day. She also makes sure that she schedules herself for the most productive times of the day so that she can get the most work done. One of the best aspects of Bridget Scarr is that she keeps her time organized so that she can be balanced in what she is doing. One of the worst things that anyone can do is be so consumed with work that he burns out. Then there is the other extreme where one is constantly distracted. This often comes as a result of going to one extreme.


One motivating factor in Bridget’s life and career is her family. She is very happy as a mother and is willing to do things with her child. She has a lot of harmony in her family. This is one of the reasons that she is able to handle her work.


At Collibri Studios, Bridget comes up with different projects and ideas for projects for many different mediums of entertainment. She comes up with projects for TV, movies, and even virtual and augmented reality devices. She is always looking for innovative new ways to entertain people. At the same time, she wants to educate people with positive productions. She has one message that she wants people to learn from. This message is to be thankful for people in their lives and everything they have.


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