American Institute of Architects, Planning for the Future.

In 1857, faced with inconsistent design, training, education and building practices, 13 architects founded the American Institute of Architects, creating a professional organization that was to set the consistent standard of education, licensing and plan design throughout the building planning industry. Today with over 90,000 members and more than 260 chapters, the American Institute of Architect, with CEO Robert Ivy is an important advocate in building codes, plan designs, and continuing education.

Robert Ivy, current CEO of the American Institute of Architects is a forward thinking and firm representative of architects. He has insisted on the importance of solid designing, consistent plans and a perpetual look at future of design. WIth his interviews and articles, Mr Ivy has been focusing public attention to the necessity of architects as active members of design teams.

By focusing on a future of holistic architectural design, Mr. Ivy has been encouraging professionals to create buildings with functionality and sustainability as well as aesthetics. To provide such completeness in design, Mr. Fry is encouraging active collaboration with other professions as a means to develop new buildings designed around their purpose, encouraging efficient and pleasing combinations of function and beauty. Mr. Ivy has a beautiful vision of creating hospitals built to help us heal and schools designed help us learn, made sustainably and with a cohesion within the community.

This forward thinking vision has come none too soon. Current estimates of population growth and environmental changes will require the architect of the future to plan and design structures that will create safe, affordable and comfortable housing and public buildings, in smaller spaces and with an eye toward energy efficiency, decreased carbon footprint, and ecologically friendly building materials. The structures of the future will also be required to house and adapt to our rapidly growing technology and new innovations, a challenge that Mr. Ivy believes today’s architects are ready to rise to.

By focusing holistically, Robert Ivy’s vision of melding form, function and aesthetics coupled with the solidarity of the AIA’s mission of competence, education and advocacy will ensure that today’s architects are prepared to face the future challenges of the building industry.

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