American Institute of Architects Success

The American Institute promotes its members with professional development support by providing them with contracts documents that have personal benefits and are client resource oriented. For the young and upcoming architects, the Institution gives them a chance to train with them in its apprenticeship programs.

Another contribution that American Institute makes is by creating public awareness on the need to have well designed housing. It helps the public to understand the dangers of unplanned buildings some of them being a possible collapse at any time and poor exit planning in case of an emergency.

The institute has an official magazine that is published by Harry Wood Company in Washington D.C. The company deals with business to business kind of relationships and publishes manuals based on Annual Design Review for the company.

The company is therefore able to share the manuals to the members to measure the progress they have made. The Intuition has had other publishers for its official magazine such as the American Institute of Architects journal and the Architecture magazine.

Led by its CEO, FAIA, Robert Ivy, the Institution has taken to integrating with other disciplines such as environment and health. The effort is aimed at creating a more healthy population and ensuring that activities carried out by the Institution’s architects are environmentally friendly. The practice will help these architects act as an example to others practicing in the same field and profession.

In an annual meeting of the world’s business, cultural and political leaders, Robert Ivy announced on behalf of the American Institute of Architects a ten year development commitment.

The commitment will focus on problems and solutions in sustainability, resiliency to natural disasters in urban areas and public health. In addition, the institution will support research at the university level with grants to be done in an unspecified city.

The success of this institution is based in the ability of its members to adjust to different times. Architectural designs keep on changing with evolution in technology at different times. These architects therefore designs infrastructure that capture that era’s theme and convenience. Visit at Wikipedia to know more about Robert Ivy

In one of his statements, Robert Ivy says that plans are on way and a project is being worked on to create an App that the general public will be in a position to interact with architects. This will ensure that architects will be accessible and increase quality of housing by reducing the number of undersigned buildings.

The Institute has a special way of recognizing those employees that have out-stood in their work and contribution towards its success. Such employees are usually awarded handsomely on a special event organized by the Institute. This is a good way of motivating employees to be more productive and efficient in their work.

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