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Class Dojo to Spread Message About Growth Mindset

Class Dojo, an educational app, has taken their community mindset one step further. In a partnership with Stanford, they both have decided to launch a series of growth mindset videos to help children understand the concept with their favorite monsters. Growth mindset is the philosophy that intelligence and ability are not something you are born with, but something you can achieve over time.

The series will be released in five clips with an accompanying discussion guide for the classroom. Each clip will be released via youtube and ClassDojo’s site a week apart. Class Dojo and Stanford’s partnership helped to create these videos in hopes to help student’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Stanford believed that ClassDojo was the right channel to release these videos due to the popularity and usage of the app. Stanford typically develops programs for teachers and parents not students. They want to help students understand how education can be a struggle and through growth mindset it can be achieved. Stanford will offer their own toolkit with lesson plans and ideas for use in the classroom and at home.

Since this project is a study, they will be releasing a survey for after the videos to see how effectively it worked. The goal is to see how it effected teacher practices, student engagement, and student performance. This project is huge for ClassDojo because it marks the first time they will use their software as a way to distribute material. If effective, teachers and students should expect to see more to come.

Class Dojo is an app/website free for teachers, students, and parents to use. It is easy for the teachers to set up and customize their virtual classrooms. These classrooms can be customized and used for behavior tracking, communication between teachers and parents, and shared memories in the classroom, such as the video and picture features. It is a communication platform that is widely used in schools, about 2 in 3 use the app, to help create a community within the classroom.

Teachers love the easy to use software. Parents enjoy the empowerment of receiving information on their child’s progress. Students like the competition to earn points and their monster icons. This app has transformed the way teachers send home information, helping to effect a ground up change.


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