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The many hats on Dr. Weisfogel’s rack

Dr. Weisfogel has many rungs of accomplishment on which to hang his many hats. He’s a world-renowned medical innovator, founding and building Dental Sleep Masters from the ground up. He’s widely recognized as the father of sleep dentistry, a new discipline which has dramatically increased the diagnosis of and improved outcomes for sleep apnea, the insidious killer responsible for tens of thousands of premature deaths every year. He also became one of Central New Jersey’s preeminent dentists, throughout the mid-2000s, through his main dental practice, Old Bridge Dentistry.

However Dr. Weisfogel’s polymathic proclivities don’t end at the dentist’s chair. Few people would recognize him as one of the East Coast rap scene’s up and coming stars. But, as  detailed in this article, Dr. Weisfogel is a lyrical force to be reckoned with.

Growing up hard on the bleak streets of Newark

Dr. Weisfogel’s life wasn’t always so charmed. After moving in with his grandmother in Newark, NJ, he attended an inner-city school where, unlike the other schools he had attended, he was now the minority. Weisfogel quickly learned that the hard laws of the streets dictate that the only way one gains respect is by earning it. And without respect, you’re nothing. Weisfogel heard the album “The Chronic”, by Dr. Dre, and was mesmerized by the funky use of sampling and hard-driving beats. He began experimenting with different musical styles on the keyboard and began freestyle rapping around the house.

Eventually, some members of a rival set challenged him to a freestyle rap battle. He unleashed a vocal firestorm against the opposing rappers, vanquishing them and finally earning the unwavering respect from his fellow classmates. Later, one of his good friends was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Weisfogel knew then that he had to leave the hip-hop lifestyle. He had too much talent to waste on the vacuities of street life. He put his musical dreams on hold to attend the New York University School of Dentistry.

Now, 20 years later, Weisfogel has picked up the mic that he once dropped for a better life. If his other pursuits are any guide, Dr. Weisfogel is one of the rappers to watch in the coming years.



Avi Weisfogel Is Committed To Solutions

When it comes to being a doctor, there is a lot that goes into it and a lot that is oftentimes unseen by the general public. They are constantly working even when they are not at the office or not at their practice. When it comes to someone like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, he is always on the lookout for solutions for his patients and for the medical field in general. He is always striving to get better, learn more, and do his research. He feels as though the more he knows, the better suited he can be for his patients in terms of helping them and getting them on the right to a healthy life.


That is a lot of responsibility, but it is not something that Avi Weisfogel shies away from. In fact, he embraces it and looks at it as a chance to change someone’s life. That is why he got into this field and this line of work in the first place. He wanted to make a difference. His work with Operation Smile has changed the lives of many young children and adults. It has given them their confidence back and made them feel great about themselves once again. They have a whole new outlook on life and their appearance. They are now walking around with a big smile on their face.


Since Avi Weisfogel always has his pulse on what are the latest happenings in the medical field, it is especially upsetting to him to see what is going on with sleep apnea. There is more to it than just snoring and a lack of sleep. There are other dangerous health conditions that are attached to it. That is why he has founded the Dental Sleep Masters. He is proactive with this and is using the best labs and the best machines out there to get the best results for anyone that is suffering from sleep apnea.


Believe it or not, ninety percent of people that have it are not even aware that they have it or suffer from it. He is raising awareness and changing people’s lives.