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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company Innova Care, and before he started working there, he was at Aveta Inc. where he served until its sale in 2012. He worked there from 2008.

He had served as a member of the management team there. Right now, he works as the CEO of InnovaCare’s health plans in Puerto Rico.


Shinto has had 20 years in this job, and he has excelled in most of what he has done. His area of specialization is clinical and operational healthcare experience. Before he started his job Aveta in 2008, he had been the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California.

If you track back a little before that, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company. As you can see, from his previous positions, he has been exposed t the job, and he knows what he does.

Alma Mater

Shinto Got his Bachelor of Science from the University of California and his medical degree; he got from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and his MBA he got from the University of Redlands.

He has authored several pieces of healthcare articles and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides

She is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare and currently holds that position working with Dr. Rick Shinto. She had served as the Chief Operating Officer and then left but came back in 2015 to be the Chief Administrative Officer. She had also been the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Read more about Penelope on


  1. Penelope has had a career spanning over 20 years in the medical business. Most of these have been specialized in government healthcare like Medicaid and Medicare. She has also been in the managed care sectors.

Her Skills Include:

Former Jobs

She worked at:

  • Centerlight Healthcare where she in charge of overall management.
  • Chief operating officer at Touchstone health.
  • Corporate vice president for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice

At AmeriChoice, she developed and implemented a model for the company’s running.

Alma Mater

She has:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages from Binghamton University
  • Masters degree in Social Work from New York University
  • Advanced Degree in Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Masters Degree in Public health from Columbia University

In Conclusion: They are both impressive in their jobs and experience.

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Bruce Levenson Has A Great Legacy As NBA Owner And Businessman

Bruce Levenson is still wrapping up the time he’s spent as Atlanta Hawks owner down in a Fulton County court, where he and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment are bringing a lawsuit against their former insurance company. Levenson and AHBE owned the Hawks from 2004 to 2015, until they sold the team to Tony Ressler and company for quite a profit. Along with that sale,, Levenson and AHBE had opted to buyout former general manager Danny Ferry’s contract. That move was supposed to allow Levenson and AHBE to file a claim with their insurance company, AIG that would cover the loss in this case. But so far AIG is refusing to accept the claim, and Levenson and AHBE are taking them to court to sue for damages.

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson also founded a major media corporation, Unified Communications Group. He had gotten his degree in journalism from Washington University, and while he was attending law school he worked for the now defunct Washington Star. He and his friend started their own newsletter, Oil Express in 1977 which was the beginning of UCG, and the company soon acquired many other newsletters. It grew into a major publication business featuring energy, healthcare, mortgage banking and technology newsletters, and today UCG also owns GasBuddy and TechTarget.

Levenson is also a philanthropist who has helped Hoop Dreams and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation host events that have funded scholarships. He also has supported the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a tribute to his Jewish heritage and has sponsored the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program where young people learn even more about the event. Levenson also supports foundations such as Seeds of Peace, BBYO and Birthright Israel. He also helped establish the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership to encourage young people to start their own foundations.


CEO Don Ressler Continues His Success

Don Ressler is the face behind numerous e-commerce startups that are enjoying success. The list includes Fabletics, Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and more. Ressler’s first venture was a site called It got bought by Intermix media. Ressler was also the COO at Intermix, along with his partner Adam Goldenberg when they create Alena Media. Their e-commerce and ad department was producing a lot of profit for the company, yet when News Corp acquired them in 2005, they felt unappreciated and chose to pursue other options.

Don Ressler understands that performance marketing is a field that is growing rapidly and so he decided he would make a quality brand that he could control. They did a brand building brainstorm session with team members from Alena in the living room of Goldenberg. After two weeks, they came up with the idea for Brand Ideas, which would later turn into Intelligent Beauty.

DERMSTORE launched first, being a skincare marketplace that also sells cosmetics. They have a direct to consumer model. They also launched SENSA as reported on Pando, which is a weight loss program. Dr. Alan Hirsch was brought in to help improve the product, and they tapped Brett Brewer as CEO. Word has it that Intelligent Beauty is highly profitable, especially SENSA and DERMASTORE, even though financial records have not been released.

Don Ressler drummed up $43 million in funding after two years of bootstrapping, from a VC firm in 2008. A few years later, Intelligent beauty launched a third company, calling it JustFab. It is a subscription model that does e-commerce fashion retail. They got $33 million of funding from Matrix Partners, and Kimora Lee Simmons was brought in to be the creative director and president in September last year.

They grew to 4 million users by December. In that April, they got to 6 million. The founders leveraged this growth to get $76 million more in funding from a variety of partners. The team of Ressler then decided to expand into new markets and realized that many of their customers were actually parents, so they launched FabKids, which is a kids clothing e-commerce store. They also picked up Fab Shoes, a European fashion store. Their membership for those was up to 3 million later in the same year.

More recently, Ressler and Goldenberg founded Fabletics. It offers athletic wear. Kate Hudson is the spokesperson. They also bought out ShoeDazzle, which was a competitor of theirs. Now, they have put up their first brick and mortar store.



JustFab wants to be the next H&M

Happy in El Segundo: TechStyle COO Anton Von Rueden on the Perks of Life in the South Bay


Coriant Comeback? Shaygan Kheradpir Vision For Growth Innovation!


The climate of today’s competitive telecommunication industry has some companies panicking, especially when patenting next-gen technology innovations. At Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir took up office replacing former chief executive Pat DiPietro. Kheradpir also occupies the seat of chairman seconded by his vice-chair DiPietro. Optical networks vendor, Coriant seeks to expand its market presence to surpass that of its competitors Infinera, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and Ciena. With Tellabs, Sycamore and NSN (Nokia Siemens Network) combined technologies, Coriant rises as a formidable contender. It has eyes on greater accomplishments as Kheradpir takes up the mantle of chief leadership.

Coriant goals comprise optimizing their reputation as a packet-optical systems supplier to carriers and large-scale consumers. Its rivals ZTE, Ciena, and Infinera saw performance climbs in 2014, a statistical report by IHS Infonetics highlighted. Coriant continues to attract global telecom carriers, including TSIC (TeliaSonera International Carrier), NBN, China Unicom and BSNL. With telecommunications technology industry fixated on driving innovations and optimizing efficiency across all platforms, Coriant strives for an excellent turnover. It’s engaged the vehicles to enhance service agility, automation and programmability standards. A Marilyn Partners subsidiary, Coriant began operation in 2013. Its specialization comprises MSPP Solutions, Optical LAN/Broadband Access, Intelligent Network Management, Packet Optical Transport Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, Integrated Optical Planning and Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions. It operates globally with head offices in the U.S. and Germany.

Technology and business leader Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornell University. He holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree in engineering from the said institution. He previously served Cornell University Engineering Council and U.S. NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Technology) as an advisor. His appointment as Coriant has impressive perks taking into account his twenty-eight-year-long career. A prolific brand and leadership, Kheradpir commanded industry heavyweights such as GTE Corporation (Verizon), Barclays and Juniper Networks. His leadership resonates with companies he’s worked. In almost three decades landing employment with different corporations, Kheradpir operated across financial services, technology, and telecommunication channels.

As Verizon Wireless former CIO (Chief Information Officer) and Executive Vice-president, Kheradpir executed product initiatives, systems efficiency, modernization, and innovation. In fact, he was an instrumental force in the introduction of FiOS. Barclays TRANSFORM initiative which comprised the remodeling of branches across fifty different countries is another project he spearheaded as the group’s Chief Technology and Operations Officer. As Juniper Networks chief executive, Kheradpir fixated interest on the group’s strategic growth of High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder. He worked alongside Coriant senior managers as an operating partner before he transitioned to leadership.

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Success Built From Intelligence: A Shaygan Kheradpir Story

Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Remaining stagnant is a great disservice to both you and those you have the ability to serve. An article was published by BC Exploration discussing highly intelligent, Shaygan Kheradpir’s, appointment to Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Coriant in late September 2015. Surpassing previous CEO, Pat DiPietro, Kheradpir has the knowledge and experience to grow Coriant beyond its current capabilities.

Once an Operating Partner at Martin Equity Partners, Shaygan Kheradpir maintained a healthy relationship with Coriant’s senior management team, which ultimately landed him this esteemed position. Coriant is responsible for supplying over one-hundred countries with the innovative solutions for network operations. With nearly three decades worth of experience in executive positions in industries such as technology, financial services, and telecommunications, Kheradpir will prove incredibly useful in expanding Coriant’s capabilities in areas of technology solutions that influence the market.

After obtaining the trifecta of a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate from Cornell University for electrical engineering, the man who rivals Einstein went on to work for big name companies such as Verizon, Juniper Networks, and Barclay’s. In fact, he developed the advanced mobile payments software, Pingit. His tireless efforts, motivated personality, and intelligence undoubtedly lead this man to achieve great accolades in high IQ industries. Targeting such an esteemed audience is no easy feat, but Kheradpir surely does just fine.

Born in London and raised in Iran, the driven individual must have gotten his motivation from his father, who was an otolaryngologist. Using that motivation, Kheradpir moved to the United States to attend university. After obtaining his degrees, he embarked on his first job at GTE Laboratories. Focusing on network routing at this job, his success lead him to become the Chief Information Officer at this corporation. After ten years, he then decided to work for Verizon Communications, where he was President of their e-business department. Here, he truly transformed the way that the company operated and made it a flawless, automated corporation. All of these achievements and years of dedicated service lead Kheradpir to where he is today.

To finalize, some individuals possess an intelligence that is often thought to be unattainable. People like Shaygan Kheradpir, however, combine their knowledge with a thirst for success and become unstoppable. Influencing a multitude of high intelligence markets, this individual will be responsible for great things in a vast variety of industries.

Fabletics Marie – Whole Story

Fabletics was the combination of the style of Kate Hudson and her desire to not waste any time getting ready for the gym. She does not have time in her life to pick over every piece of clothing she owns, but she does have time to dedicate to getting a gym bag ready to go. She made something that is called athleisure in the Fabletics clothing line, and it is the thing that women can wear all the time and still look sexy.
The style of Fabletics is really sexy because women can streamline themselves while wearing something that looks classy. Tights have become standard for women who live an active lifestyle, and she is also making sure that women can look great just seconds after leaving the gym. Athleisure is a really streamlined way of dressing that helps women look great while keeping their gym clothes on.

Fabletics is going to help women stay dry when they are working out, and the clothing line has nice clothes that women can wear outside of the gym. The tights are the most important part because women want to be comfortable, and tights are usually a lot softer than jeans.

Plus, women do not have to change when they leave the gym. This is a much faster way of getting ready, and it helps women look great. They leave their tights and sports bras on, and they can put on a dress or top that will go with their tights. They are dressed for a night out in seconds, and the top comes from Fabletics.

A woman who does not have all the time in the world to deal with their clothes should not have to worry about keeping a dress or top looking perfect. Fabletics is workout wear that anyone can wear, and it is going to last when it is sitting in the locker or in a bag. Women do not have to spend all their times at the dry cleaner, and they do not have to worry about wrinkles in their clothing. Basically, Fabletics does not wrinkle, and it can be taken anywhere. It is also great for packing for a long trip.

Fabletics clothing is the only way for women to get in and out of the gym fast, and Kate Hudson says that she does not want to waste time on this. She says that she is not the kind of person who is going to waste her time fawning over all her clothes, and she loves Fabletics because she can just throw it on. Her revealing interview with Marie Claire shows that her style is effortless, and she is proving that women can look good with little or no effort.

Why Choose the Best Investment Banking Professional

Investing into any type of fund or account is a pretty big deal. If you make the wrong decision, you might find that this hinders your ability to earn the amount of money that you need and want. Because of these problems, it helps to work with a professional investment firm to know that you are getting the help that you need to make your dreams a reality. The best way to do this is to find a local banker who can help with this specific task.


A great investment banker out there is known as Martin Lustgarten and he can help with a range of different options for you when it comes to getting the most out of what you need. You will find that by working with a professional like Martin Lustgarten, you will make better choices concerning your investments. You will also find that Martin Lustgarten has a lot of experience behind him to help those who are brand new to the idea of investing their money into a variety of types of funds, bonds and accounts.


There is nothing better than knowing that Martin Lustgarten is there by your side when you need his help. There are a lot of benefits and reasons for you to think of Martin Lustgarten as a good option when investment banking. Banking is a difficult task in itself and it helps if you are looking into working with a pro like Martin Lustgarten to make sure that this is something that is working for you.
There are a lot of reasons to hire a professional investment banker like Martin Lustgarten, but the most important thing for you to remember is that this is a professional who can help out with this task and allow you to feel confident in what they are able to offer to you as their client. Be sure to work directly with the banker and let them know what you are looking to achieve by investing your money into a variety of different funds that you feel are going to be a wonderful option for you and your family. Check out his Instagram for more insight into Lustgarten’s life.

Coriant’s Technology Company

Coriant has been in the technology business since the early 90s. However, at this time it did not go by Coriant. In fact, it wasn’t even its own company. It was one of the many divisions of Nokia Siemens. Starting out in the bowels of the company, the Coriant division started as a networking software and hardware designer. Of course, at this time, the Internet was just starting to take off, so the hardware required to provide suitable data transfers within a company did not prove overly drastic. As time pushed on though, Coriant saw its productivity and requirements grow, thanks to the continually growing data infrastructure around the world. Now, the need for this kind of equipment is at an all time high. With that being said, Coriant grew within Nokia Siemens, so when another company moved in to take over Siemens, Coriant spun out and became its own, private entity. With this growth and development, it has become a major, independent company offering products and services to necessary companies all around the world. Of course, as it became its own, independent organization, it became apparent it needed its own CEO. The CEO needed to have the experience of running a company while also the experience of working within the tech field. That is exactly why Coriant decided to bring in Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO.

So what made Coriant decide Shaygan would be the right CEO for the job? It stands as his background, which is extremely impressive for the tech field (especially the networking field Coriant is positioned in). For starters, Shaygan holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. This education helped spur him on to a position working with Verizon producing the fiber optics FiOS network, along with the DVR the company would use. On top of this, Shaygan eventually went on to work on the board of directors for Barclays, the major international financial company. This helped give him the financial backing that is heavily desired for a CEO. Plus, after serving on the board of directors for the financial company, he eventually went on to work as the CEO for Juniper Networks. While he enjoyed his time with the company, when Coriant offered him the position, he decided to take the job as CEO. Now he is running the company that is right in his wheelhouse as he has the education and experience to run the business.

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How Is Shaygan Kheradpir Taking Coriant To The Next Step Of Their Development

Coriant is a network management company that has taken the bold step to move into the cell phone business. There are many cell phone companies serving the world today, but there is more room for competition. Coriant plans to provide competition for many other firms, and they have hired Shaygan Kheradpir to lead the company. This article explains why hiring Shaygan is the perfect move for the company, and there is a look at what Coriant can offer customers that other companies cannot.

#1: Coriant Already Owns Network Space

Coriant owns more than enough network space to manage its own firm, and Coriant still has a revenue stream coming from companies paying for data and talk space. Introducing a cell phone company of their own simply creates a new revenue stream that is easy to use, and Coriant needs help from Shaygan to make the cell phone division profitable. Producing new phones, offering service packages and creating customer service for everyone requires expertise.

#2: Shaygan Has A Track Record In The Industry

Shaygan worked with Verizon when the company was still known as GTE Labs, and he presided over production that put out prototypes in 30 days. Shaygan’s plan for putting out new devices helped make Verizon the most progressive company in the industry, and his distinguished service made him a candidate for the executive suite. He understands how the products are made, and he understands how to run a large business.

#3: Shaygan Has Other Executive Experience

Shaygan has worked with Juniper Networks and Barclay’s as an executive, and he has more than enough experience to keep Coriant on track for success. He knows how a large company should operate, and he will use that expertise to keep Coriant in the black while they are making new phones or offering new plans. There is stiff competition on the market, but Shaygan knows how to crush that competition with better products.

The new product line from Coriant will make the company an instant competitor in the cell phone industry, and Shaygan will keep the company profitable while it establishes a place on the market for itself. Coriant is poised to be a very successful company, but they need a technology veteran to lead them. The appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir makes Coriant the prime contender to take over the top spot in cell phone service with its advanced networks and new products.

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Ricardo Guimaraes talks about LinkedIn


LinkedIn is becoming more popular in the business world in recent times. Proof of this, is the increase in numbers of users and the frequent searches about the labor market, says the Brazilian businessman Ricardo Guimaraes, president of the BMG bank. Intended for labor market professionals, the social network offer possibilities of creating connections with important people and specific performance areas. Besides finding opportunities and possibilities of work, the users can also read and share tips and news concerning the line of performance. Each day, LinkedIn is being more and more used by organizations with the main purpose of recruiting professionals that are available in the market. Recently the Exame magazine answered an analysis made by the social media of the most searched competencies by companies in the year 2015 that is reported by businessman Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG bank.

In this analysis, LinkedIn raised the competencies by half of the most used keywords by recruiters during 2015. The information is derived from nine countries, among them are Brazil, the United States and France. As a result of the analysis, the social network came to a list of 25 skills. In Brazil, the most requested competence of the year was statistical analysis and data mining, the skill also took second place in the world ranking, says Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG bank. The professionals are also super appreciated that perform in the area of Human Resources, most specifically with focus on benefits and remuneration. According to Exame, the search for these professionals grew 15% in 2015. Professional recruitment, in turn, did not have a good moment. With the reduction of recruitment due to the economic instability of the country, the search for these specialists dropped to nearly 14%. Other skills that are also gaining a lot of importance in the organizations are public policies, talent retention, ethics and transparency, corporate law, and new business development says Ricardo Guimaraes, executive of BMG bank.