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Handy: From Startup to Multi-million

Like many other services and booking related websites, Handy was only a concept when it first started. As a startup company, they were not headed off by some huge corporate conglomerate and they were not a branch off of an already established huge business. They were just a company that thought they had a great idea and wanted to get the idea off of the ground and to the people who needed their services the most. They were just a startup like any other company that first started out as a small business in the sector that they were a part of.

When it came time to launch the business, Handy ( knew that they needed to follow the footsteps of other companies, like Uber, that provided booking services for people. They wanted people to know that they had a choice when it came to their house cleaning services and that they were able to get the most out of the things that they had in the different areas that they were in. Handy knew that they had to offer booking to be able to succeed and to help the people who needed their services the most.

It turned out that booking was exactly what the company needed. Their booking services were some of the best in the business and it gave them the chance to make things better for what they had to offer their clients. They knew that clients simply wanted to book with a cleaner. Since Handy does not provide the actual cleaning service, the booking part of things is the most important part of their business. It is something that they feel like they can do better with and something that they are hoping to expand when the time is right.

Expansion for Handy looks something like growing their site to include professional and maintenance services. While they now offer things like home cleaners, pool cleaners and even seasonal cleaners, they want to expand to things like maintenance, lawn care and even specialty landscaping. They know that they now have a huge audience with people who own homes and need home services. They know that they will be able to do more with what they have and this gives them the chance to expand. It also offers them the opportunity to make sure that things stay the same for the company while they are growing and that their original mission is always intact.