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New Yorkers Can Find Quality Lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein Online

Finding a reliable attorney, who is qualified to handle your case, can be daunting. However, for the New Yorkers, this is not the case; the New York State Bar of Association has established a reliable Referral and Information Services for those in need of lawyers. The Bar takes the time to review the attorneys who are on their list. Thus, individuals can be sure they will find a good legal standing. The Association has been referring people for over 35 years using phone calls but to serve the citizens of New York better, LRIS has launched an online portal.


How the service works


Those in need of an attorney should visit the portal and fill in the form on the portal. The aim of the questionnaire is to understand the legal issue that one is facing as well and finding out their location. Thus, after reviewing the questionnaire, the State Bar will match the individual with someone who works in the vicinity and can be able to handle the case. Though the referral program is free, a fee of $ 35 is charged for the first 30 minutes the individual talks to the attorney. Chatting to a lawyer does not mean you have to hire them, but if you do, then you can make a contract on the much that you will be paying for their services.


Jeremy L. Goldstein


When you are seeking the help of an attorney using this website, it is normal to question the type of associates that will find. Jeremy Goldstein is an example of the type of professionals present in the portal. Goldstein got his J.D. from the New York University School of Law. He further perused his studies further in the University of Chicago and got an M.S., and from Cornell University he was awarded a B.A. Goldstein has worked on numerous corporate transaction in the past decade like Phillips Petroleum Company versus Conoco Inc., Sanofi-Aventis versus Genzyme among many others.


Goldstein has also founded his law firm devoted to guiding compensation committees, CEOs, and transformative corporate events and sensitive situations. He is qualified to deal with matters to do with organizational issues that one might be undergoing.


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Expert Perspective from Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who is able to help people who want to move to other countries with the professional experience that he has. He also has personal experience in the field because he is also an expat who came from New Zealand to Uruguay to make a better life for himself and to keep more money to himself because he lives in a tax-free location. This is something that he suggests people do when they do not want to pay taxes and do not want to get into trouble for not paying them like they would in some countries. Read more:

He knows that this is not the right decision for everyone. For people who do not make a lot of money, he knows that tax-free may not be the right way to go. He wants people to feel comfortable and he knows that these countries often have failing or faltering infrastructures. It can be hard to find a job in the country especially for people who do not have the right work experience or background. He only suggests tax-free living to people who feel that the taxes that they pay can be a major burden to them.

There are many reasons that people can move to other countries. Geoffrey Cone suggests that people look at different reasons for moving and at their particular lifestyle if they want to move to a different country. Expat lifestyles are not for everyone and they can actually be very hard to maintain if taxes are the sole reason for moving. Expats should take other things into account before they take the tax rate in the country into account unless they know that they absolutely cannot afford the taxes in the country that they are in or that they are going to.

Self-employed people who make more than $100,000 per year are the ones who will benefit from tax-free living the most. They are the ones who get taxed the most in taxable countries and they are the ones who will be able to survive and flourish in these tax-free countries. They should expect to make slightly less for their services in their country but they can also sell their services to other countries at a higher conversion rate. They could end up living very lucratively while they are in the tax-free country because of their high salary.

There are many options when it comes to living tax-free, but New Zealand is not one of them. Despite the recent news that it is a no tax country and the information that it has very low taxes, it is not the place to go for people who want to live without worrying about taxes. Cone knows that firsthand because he came from New Zealand. He did so because of the high income that he had and the high rate that he was taxed on the income and the problems that it posed. This inspired him to help others who wanted to live tax free.

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Why You Need to Consider Hiring Luiciana Lossio

Luiciana Lossio is one of the most successful lawyers in Brazil and has had a rich and lasting career in the industry. Because of his success as a lawyer, many people seek out his knowledge and experience to ensure that they are satisfied with the results they are able to achieve from their cases. Going with a case worker like this is beneficial because you can feel confident knowing that you are working with someone who has the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done.

One of the best ways to make use of Luiciana Lossio and his services would be to contact him to see what he can do for you. You can talk to him about any type of case that you might have concerning the legal department. He will then be able to tell you if you are able to be seen in a court of law. If this is a possibility, he will then take the case and do any of the necessary paperwork that is needed to get it done and seen in front of a judge. This is an option that has benefited a lot of people and can definitely help you to feel confident in the work being done.

The best thing for you to do is to contact Luiciana Lossio and his office to see what they can do for you. Once this is done, they will be able to quickly and easily get the job done. You will find that having a professional like Luiciana Lossio by your side while the work is being done is one of the best things possible. This is why a lot of people make use of this professional and are thrilled with the results. They can feel confident going into their case and knowing it is being done.

You will love the fact that Luiciana Lossio is there and has the experience needed to get the work done. This is beneficial in many ways and can be just what you need to feel confident in the case being heard. There is nothing worse than knowing that you are alone when going to court and this is why a lot of people in Portugal are hiring Luiciana Lossio and are thrilled with all of the results they were able to achieve from it all. Be sure to contact Luiciana Lossio right away with case information.

Martin Ross Abelow Fighting for animals in New York

Ross Abelow is an established lawyer in New York with an incredible 26 year experience working in the legal profession. During this time he has gained a wealth of knowledge, experience and commands the respects of his peers.

GoFundMe Animal Campaign

Ross Abelow has initiated a campaign to raise funds towards the animals living in the city. The aim is to collect over $5,000 in donations that will be used to help vulnerable animals living in shelters. The funds will be used to cater for medical care, food and other essentials like blankets for the animals. This humane act will surely be well received by animal rights activists and other animal lovers who share the same affection for these animals. The campaign can be found on the GoFundMe platform where it seeks to attract the online community and other activists to create awareness for the worthy cause.

This campaign aims to benefit animals during winter when temperatures drop drastically and the biting cold is felt throughout the city. Often, many animals suffer through winter while others die due to hunger and the cold. Abelow aims to treat these animals humanely by raising enough funds to prevent deaths and at the same time accommodate more animals in the already overpopulated shelters. Abelow is relying on people to understand and appreciate the need to help animals during the winter thus donate whatever they can afford to the campaign. All proceeds will be given to different shelters for supplies and food.

About Martin Ross Abelow

Abelow got his undergraduate degree in New York from the State University. He later attended Brooklyn Law School to study for a law degree and graduated in 1989. He got his license to practice law the next year and has since dedicated his life and energy in the profession. Ross has specialized in family law practice for the better part of his career. His areas of specialization include matrimonial, commercial litigation as well as entertainment law. Today, he is a partner at Abelow and Cassandro, LLP.

Abelow is always ready to help a worthy cause that will be beneficial to the society. To date, he has never backed down from a challenge or a worthy cause making him reliable and efficient. He is active on social media and manages accounts on Facebook, Mashable and twitter. He is also an active blogger with submissions to blogs like the popular Crown Point New York. Additionally, he writes for his personal blogs.

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Raising $5,000 to Help Homeless Animals in New York

Winter is a dangerous time of year for homeless animals in New York City. When the temperatures drop below freezing levels, homeless animals will suffer and die. They need shelter and they need people to take care of them. Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of space in animal shelters in the New York City, and there are not enough funds to help provide all that is needed to help them. Thankfully, there are many individuals who are working to take care of the problem. For example, Ross Abelow has recently established a Go Fund Me fundraiser in order to help animals this winter.

Ross Abelow hopes to raise $5,000 that will be donated to animal shelters in New York city. He realizes that this is an urgent problem. The first thing that will be done with the money is to help provide more space where these animals can be housed. Second, funds will be on hand to purchase blankets, medicine, and food for the animals that are placed in the shelter. The great thing about getting more animals into shelters is that they are usually placed in adoption programs. This helps to fix the problem over a long period of time. When the animals are placed in the adoption program, they are much more likely to be placed in forever homes with loving families or individuals who will be able to take care of them.

Individuals can donate money to help this cause through the Go Fund Me account set up by Ross Abelow. The great thing about this way of raising money is that a person can donate as little as $10 toward this cause. When lots of individuals donate just a small amount of money, soon the goal will be reached and fewer animals will be out on the cold streets this winter.

Many individuals have turned to Ross Abelow when they need assistance with legal issues. He has been working as a lawyer in New York City area for more than 25 years. He specializes in matrimonial and family law. He applied for his license in 1990 and has been helping to defend his clients ever since then. Just recently, he became a partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. Individuals can get free legal help by reading the blog post that he has put on his personal site or by connecting with him through his Facebook account or on other social media sites.

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