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New Summer Favorites, Why I am JustCrazy for JustFab

What tax season is to an accountant, summer is to the fashion blogger. Each spring retailers on roll out their newest and brightest summer looks while bloggers help the rest of the world break down and understand these styles.

This spring, I decided to look inside my own closet and figure out what wardrobe staples I was lacking, to better determine where my fashion budget should be focused. (Yes I list fashion as a real budget expense, and strongly suggest you do the same!)

As all too many women understand, the component of my wardrobe most desperately needing some vamping was-you guessed it-footwear!!

In the past I have blogged about some of my favorite chain shoe retailers including DSW. (I am a big fan.) This spring, however, I decided to (FINALLY) jump on the JustFab bandwagon and see for myself just what all the hype was about.

To my surprise, the hype is not at all hype but rather well-deserved praise for an amazing (and my new favorite) online retailer!!

I spend my living helping other women breakdown fashion, mainly by giving them tricks and tools to match current trends to their own personal style. JustFab, does the same exact thing. Before becoming a member of JustFab, I was prompted to take a brief style survey to help the website display the best fashion matches for me. Unlike other sites, the survey was actually fun, easy, super-fast, and informative! Examples were shown in look-book style pictures and I got to choose which look I liked out of each. JustFab immediately takes a lot of the guess work out of shopping by matching customers to styles they truly feel comfortable, and fashionable, wearing. Something tells me the computer-generated looks truly are compatible with customer style choices. I am now browsing back and forth between the most beautiful aquamarine suede fringe ankle strap stilettos, and a classic, clean, linen blazer. (How do I choose? How? How?) That’s right, my prior knowledge of JustFab was very ignorant. They have CLOTHES too!!

As I began very excitedly browsing through the clothing section, I soon realized JustFab once again had broken down “looks” into categories I knew my readers would appreciate just as much as I do. You’re looking for a certain style, but you aren’t exactly sure what that should entail, no worries! JustFab lists categories and subcategories (with sickly adorable names) to help you find exactly what you might not even know you are looking for! For example, they have a total of 228 “looks” to choose from, broken down into categories like night out, work looks, vacation looks, romper/jumpsuit looks, and summer dress looks. Customers also have the option of choosing to narrow their searches by using a style profile filter which features five styles. Women can choose from:

Girl Next Door- think jean jackets, florals, belted camis, t-shirt dresses, etc. a la Anne Hathaway

Trendsetter- a fun fresh summer collection with a very hippie/bohemian vibe. This look features a ton of the greatest gladiators, goucho pants, loose knits, and jumpsuits. Think Lana Del Rey at Coachella

Femme Nouveau-girly girly girly!! Love this style profile! It featured a ton of great wrap dresses, large, graphic prints, some very leggy looks, flats, and neutral pumps. Definitely think Lauren Conrad.

Bombshell- This was absolutely my personal favorite style profile. This look featured a lot of sophisticated and flirty items. There were many fitted looks and some very sexy silouhettes!! Picture Sex and the City meets 90210.

Modern Classic- The last of the profiles delivered a gorgeous array of nautical components, layered looks, crisp blazers, and statement handbags. This look was very J.Crew having lunch on a sailboat.
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If you are ready to refresh your wardrobe this summer (which you absolutely deserve to) and need just a little guidance to get inspired, JustFab makes shopping intentional, easy, and fabulous.