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George Soros: The Influence of a Philanthropist

George Soros is an influential businessman and entrepreneur who is recognized as one of the wealthiest person on the planet. George Soros grew up hiding from the Nazis during his childhood years in Hungary, and he pursued higher studies after the war to change his fate. After studying in London, George Soros was persuaded by advertisements to move into the United States, and he used the skills he learned back in school to build his fortune. He traded stocks at the stock market, and created hedge funds where the majority of his wealth came from. He slowly built his business empire, and in his senior years, the wealth he accumulated amounted to more than $20 billion. George Soros is growing older, and he wanted to leave a mark so he decided to create an organization and called it the Open Society Foundations. This organization aims to promote the advantages of living in a liberal society, and he wanted the groups under the umbrella of the Open Society Foundations to mobilize and inform the public about the changes that he wanted the society to go under. George Soros has been funding his organization ever since it was established, and it was recently reported that $18 billion from his fortune will go directly to the pockets of the organization to further his interests. The Open Society Foundations is responsible for bringing justice to human rights victims, mobilizing protests against the American Government, the partnership with the Democrats during the 2016 Presidential Elections, and the establishment of a network of environmentalists to promote an earth friendly society. George Soros has been criticized by others and he is accused of destabilization, but he cleared out that he is only helping humanity.

During the early 2000s, a political crisis struck Nepal, and thousands of people are believed to have been killed by the government. Some of them were denied justice because of how the Nepalese Justice System works. The relatives of those who perished during the political crisis in Nepal pleaded to the Open Society Foundations for help. The organization became responsible for the payment of the best lawyers, and in the end, those who committed the crimes against the people of Nepal were brought to the court and they were all convicted and sentenced. Those who experienced the brutal uprising in the early 2000s thanked the Open Society Foundations for the assistance that they provided, stating that without their help, justice would not be served. Another instance where the Open Society Foundations stood up was when an African American teenager was gunned down by the police in the city of Ferguson. The Open Society Foundations mobilized their arm and went to Ferguson to protests. They wanted to put an end to the brutal killings committed by the police against the people of color, and they protested to be heard by the government. George Soros wanted to put an end in oppression, and in his ideal society, everyone lives in harmony, and he is comparing his ideas to a Utopian society.