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Beneful’s Baked Delights Allow Dogs to Revel in Flavor

A common misunderstanding is that dogs do not have taste buds. As studies have developed and the evolution of the dog’s tongue has been concisely understood, an answer has finally been able to put all of the other theories to rest. Yes, dogs do have taste buds, and taste the same flavors that humans are able to indulge in. With a higher salt tolerance as a result of their natural diet, dogs love treats of all flavors, even the salty ones. With all of this in mind, shopping for dog food with flavor and a nutritional value in mind is crucial. Thankfully, has all areas covered with their Baked Delights Treats line. (complete list of products here:
1. Heartfuls: These tasty morsels have a chewy, soft center. Rich apple flavored filling and real bacon enrich the flavor of these treats. Positive reviews from proud pooch parents are regularly seen in regards to these morsels.

2. Snackers: The name says it all: these treats are the perfect snack for your dog. Natural and artificial peanut butter is among the most popular flavors. Rich cheese flavors fall closely on the popularity scale as well.

3. Stars: Baked Delight Stars come in two flavor combinations: chicken and cheese or bacon and cheese. The nutrients and protein found in chicken give dogs the strength they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The bacon gives that added salt that dogs cannot get enough of, and helps maintain hydration levels in canines.

4. Hugs: Rich in flavors containing beef and cheese, these treats coincide with your dog’s love of salt and the natural need to regularly eat meat.

Beneful dog treats and all products can be purchased online on Amazon.