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Securus Sets Course For Integrity, Gets Rewarded

The news is full of bad stories. The mainstream media tends to focus on tabloid which can obscure the real issues. And these tabloid-driven stories are often very negative which can lead to a horrible gut feeling. It is why many say that they get depressed around major elections.


But there are still good people in the world. Some of these people operate in the background without any notice from the mainstream media. They just set their moral compass, work hard and do good for the sake of doing good. That’s why we should shine a light on the people that run a company called Securus.


Securus is a technologies company that provides solutions to the law enforcement and criminal justice communities. Their main operation is to provide communications services to prisons and jails all across the country. Essentially, when a prisoner picks up the phone inside of a facility serviced by Securus, she must use the company’s services.


This is where the company has an opportunity to go wrong. Since the prisoner must use their service, they have an opportunity to charge whatever they would like. And there is really no need to have great customer service either. But this is where Securus does good for the sake of doing good.


The Better Business Bureau has rated the company and A+ for years, but Securus does not rest on its laurels. They took it one step farther by going through the BBB’s prestigious accreditation procedure. The Better Business Bureau accredits companies that are committed to honesty, trustworthiness, a commitment to privacy, integrity, a commitment to responsiveness and honesty and advertising. Securus scored high on all marks to receive the accreditation.


This company should be lauded as an example of how to run a good, ethical, American business, even during dark times.