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Karl Heideck Analyzes Why Judge Won’t Halt Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law

In 2017, many advocates advocating for worker’s rights in Philadelphia gained a new application that was aimed at uniting them in brotherhood. When it was passed into law as Mayor Jim Kenney incorporated his signature into the new law in January, Philadelphia became the only state in the United States that prohibited employers from inquiring about the history of the salary of their prospective employees. While this is true, the changes were not so smooth with many of the new laws in the state. The Commerce Chamber of Philadelphia was trying to challenge the staff through legal issues just within the first week of its enactment. Let us see a greater explanation below.

As the Human Resource Management Society noted, the ordinance was structured by the lawmakers to help shape the new wage gap between the females and male workers in the state. There was a wide range of speculations that were incorporated by the new wage gap to bring the desired income. You don’t have the permission to access the individual previous salary information if they are new in your system as a way of determining the amount of money to pay them. You don’t have the right to ask for a previous salary information from the entity for employment considerations. Retailing or punishing against job candidates who fail to state their salary information.

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