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Hilarious Information Regarding Kabbalah Centre

Having been founded in 1984 by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg, Kabbalah Centre has realized massive growth over the years. It was formed as a non-profit making organization aimed at offering courses in Kabbalistic learning and Zohar. Although the headquarters are in Los Angeles, the foundation has expanded to realize over fifty branches across the globe. The students who wish to undertake Kabbalah do not have to necessarily have the knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish texts. The approach to their learning is as friendly as that.At Kabbalah it is believed that all the religions, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism or even Buddhism are under a collective intelligence. For this reason, they do not fight any religion, rather supplement them. It is at Kabbalah Centre that you learn to primarily focus on your relationship with the essence of God as God is Himself incomprehensible.

Teachings on Specific Topics as Offered at Kabbalah Centre

Sex is a subject addressed and as explained by Yehuda Berg formerly a teacher at the Centre, men should not generate semen without making love. They out rightly condemn masturbation because it is one way through which sperms fail to serve the intended purpose.

Addressing astrology, there is such high regard to it, probably because it has been known to be part of Judaism in a great way. Though it was mainly opposed by the philosophers such as Maimonides, through the middle ages most Jews embraced it quite a lot.Interesting to learn is that there is a Kabbalistic concept of Klippot. Here the argument is that everyone can directly connect to the essence of God, but Klippot bars the Spiritual energy from entering the physical. Bad behavior plays a major role in adding Klippot while studying and observing the Kabbalah and Jewish teachings removes Klippot.


Worth noting is that the Centre has received continued patronage by the Jews. As well, it has grown so many branches in the United States of America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. Since it was founded, the Centre has been under able leadership and this has played a great role in enabling the facility stand the turbulent times.



The Manse on Marsh Wins the Highly Esteemed Caring Star Award

The Manse on Marsh, a leading provider of assisted living services, was named at the winner of the “Caring Star” award. The facility has cemented a leading position in the assisted living sector due to its innovative care programs. The “Caring Star” award is a prestigious program that acknowledges America-based memory care and assisted living facilities using the client ratings and testimonials in the Senior Care Directory.

Details on Caring Stars

Caring Stars are essential organizations that offer exceptional care services to the seniors on a national scale. To be nominated for the 2015 accolade, the care facility had to attain a minimum of three customer comments from December 1, 2013, to December 1, 2014. Its average rating had to exceed over four stars with all negative reviews resolved. Other factors like online reputation information were utilized in identifying the official winners.

The Caring Starts accolade program is now in its fourth year. In 2013, the National Mature Media Awards honored the program for assisting consumers in making the right senior living choices and for offering a direct response to senior living operators concerning consumer preference. Caring Stars communities are featured in local magazines and social media platforms. They are also popularized on Additionally, Caring’s family advisors are responsible for discussing these communities in senior housing referral.

The Manse on Marsh

The Manse on Marsh embraces a leading and nationally renowned Assisted Living Care Planning System. It offers services like meal reminders, medication management, and personal care services (bathing & grooming). It designs unique care programs that suit the situation of each resident. The facility ensures the senior enjoys and pays for the necessary assistance and care services. The Manse is an authority in the provision of an all-inclusive care planning system, especially in the Central Coast.

The Manse delivers unique care and upscale residence services and amenities that comprise of restaurant-quality open dining, spacious flats, suitable transportation, nurse on staff, discrete personal assistance, and social activities. The San Luis Obispo-based facility has a movie theater, a well-equipped fitness center, and a modern library. Therefore, residents are always entertained, conversant with current affairs, and physically fit.

The Benefits Of Studying Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a 5000-year-old wisdom that reveals to human beings how life and the universe work. The word Kabbalah is a Hebrew word meaning ‘to receive’. Through these teachings, human beings can achieve the elusive fulfillment in their lives.
Kabbalah teaches on all aspects of life. Teachings on health, careers and relationships are fully covered in this ancient wisdom. Unlike other teachings, Kabbalah originates from the same trunk and helps individuals understand the complex way that the universe operates.
The teachings propagated by Kabbalah are universal and apply to all religions and faiths. In addition, the teachings do not discriminate against an ethnicity or people originating from any place around the globe. Another unique thing about Kabbalah is that individuals studying it are not forced to think in a particular manner. They are free to enjoy their unique line of thinking. Kabbalah is a strict platform for sharing information and not for coercing people into spirituality.
Studying Kabbalah helps individuals to understand themselves better, achieve personal fulfillment and contribute to the society. It helps one to enjoy a healthy relationship, great health, happiness, love and financial security. It also answers all the difficult questions that are always asked by many people. Some of these questions touch on one’s existence and purpose in life.
As one studies Kabbalah, he or she develops a better understanding of not only himself or herself, but also that of the universe and the environment. Personal experiences and tribulations become clear, and so are the purposes and reasons behind them.
About Kabbalah Centre
Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles, California. The centre is a non-profit organization that uses online and city-based study groups to teach Zohar and Kabbalah. Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein founded the organization in New York City back in 1965. The Kabbalah Centre was then moved to Los Angeles in 1984.
Yehuda and Michael, sons of Berg, are the current leaders of the non-profit organization. The organization is strictly focused on teaching Kabbalah. The center is not a religious organization. This uniqueness enables the Centre to serve people from various religions including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jews. The teachings provided by Kabbalah Centre are aimed at supplementing one’s religion and are available on the website.

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