Coriant’s Technology Company

Coriant has been in the technology business since the early 90s. However, at this time it did not go by Coriant. In fact, it wasn’t even its own company. It was one of the many divisions of Nokia Siemens. Starting out in the bowels of the company, the Coriant division started as a networking software and hardware designer. Of course, at this time, the Internet was just starting to take off, so the hardware required to provide suitable data transfers within a company did not prove overly drastic. As time pushed on though, Coriant saw its productivity and requirements grow, thanks to the continually growing data infrastructure around the world. Now, the need for this kind of equipment is at an all time high. With that being said, Coriant grew within Nokia Siemens, so when another company moved in to take over Siemens, Coriant spun out and became its own, private entity. With this growth and development, it has become a major, independent company offering products and services to necessary companies all around the world. Of course, as it became its own, independent organization, it became apparent it needed its own CEO. The CEO needed to have the experience of running a company while also the experience of working within the tech field. That is exactly why Coriant decided to bring in Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO.

So what made Coriant decide Shaygan would be the right CEO for the job? It stands as his background, which is extremely impressive for the tech field (especially the networking field Coriant is positioned in). For starters, Shaygan holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. This education helped spur him on to a position working with Verizon producing the fiber optics FiOS network, along with the DVR the company would use. On top of this, Shaygan eventually went on to work on the board of directors for Barclays, the major international financial company. This helped give him the financial backing that is heavily desired for a CEO. Plus, after serving on the board of directors for the financial company, he eventually went on to work as the CEO for Juniper Networks. While he enjoyed his time with the company, when Coriant offered him the position, he decided to take the job as CEO. Now he is running the company that is right in his wheelhouse as he has the education and experience to run the business.

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