Data Service FreedomPop Raises $50 Million in Funding

It has been announced that FreedomPop has successfully raised an additional $50 million in funding, ensuring a boost in its efforts to offer world travelers affordable global roaming.

FreedomPop is currently in over two dozen countries. With more countries expected to start utilizing the company’s services, CEO Stephen Stokols is reporting the new capital will help not just in better product, but it will allow FreedomPop to lower its prices, giving it yet another advantage over companies like T-Mobile. That company does offer free unlimited roaming, but the service is notoriously slow.

FreedomPop also plans to increase its customer support services, which has not been able to keep up with its business growth. Some of the capital may even be used to develop a stronger public image. Right now, the company cannot compete with the likes of T-Mobile, where tens of millions of dollars can go into advertising. The company relies mostly on word-of-mouth, which is actually pretty strong but cannot substitute for media campaigns.

Currently, FreedomPop offers a broad range of services, including WiFi texting and calling from anywhere, unlimited connection between FreedomPop customers, international calling from dozens of countries, access to millions of nationwide roaming hotspots and worldwide virtual numbers. The company also gifts free monthly 4G LTE data to every existing customer that brings in a referral. FreedomPop also offers state-of-the-art, brand name smartphones and mobile devices at low prices with its 100 percent free text, talk and data services.

For now, with its fresh capital, what’s on FreedomPop’s drawing board is to start promoting a global hotspot. With that launch, customers can expect near-local rates for data anywhere in the world. This initiative will mean an alternative to the typical expensive roaming fees offered by major carriers.

This information was originally recorded here on re/code.

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