Born in the year 1955 in Michigan USA, the oldest son to Mr. DeVos SNR Was one of the most persuasive people of our time. Having started to work in Amway Company as its vice president in the year 1974, he held his position for a while until 1993 where he was promoted to president of the company in charge of companies and affiliates in over 17 countries; He is estimated to be one of the top 100 richest Americans according to Forbes magazine.

Dick’s early life was when he oversaw the reconstruction of Amway Corp and was appointed to management of the Orlando Magic basketball team, This was in the year 2000 whereby during the same year the Umbrella firm namely Alticor was which grew the firm to over 50countries in over six continents and territories during which 6years later he retired to focus on his business ventures and later decided to join politics.
Dick DeVos is married and with 4children hasn’t stopped them from giving back to the community. They started a foundation namely Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation, both Betsy, and Dick are actively involved in politics and have been contributing to the campaigns for those who are running for an elective seat, In 2006 while Dick was running for an elective post he was considered to be the wealthiest man of his time to run for a public office but lost to a 14point margin.

Mr.Devos has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Northwood, he attended Harvard University but never graduated, His company WindQuest is one of the leading investments companies in the USA with holdings in Technology amongst others. They have been converting waste into green renewable energy thus acclaiming the name of the green machine for bringing in renewable, sustainable energy into the economy.

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Over the years, the foundation they formed has been giving money to low-income families so that kids may attend the schools of their choice, in 2010 he opened the first public charter aviation school in the nation which is open to all and whereby nobody has to pay tuition to study there.
The DeVos family has also committed over 21Million dollars for art in funding in the year 2012, in 2008 they also started a scholarship foundation to help students from developing Countries. The Family has also devoted to contributing to the organizations that promote free market economics. Dick DeVos has always said that “The Important thing in this world is to make a difference and always follow through your commitments.” The DeVos family has been living proof of this quote.

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