Eva Moskowitz and her Success Academy can provide pre-K education without city interference

Eva Moskowitz and her charter network Success Academy won an appeals court case this week that gave them the right to continue providing pre-K education without the interference of New York City authorities.


Why is this so important, and a huge victory for Eva Moskowitz and her values when it comes to education?


As one Success Academy parent explains on a new Academy blog post, the charter network’s ability to run a pre-K program free of interference from the Department of Education’s red tape means New York children will be able to continue to get a pre-K education that is far better than anything the city itself offers.


She saw how much this helped when one of her children was in a good pre-K program and one was not. The first child always did better than the second one through the first three years of his elementary school education.


When the Department of Education tried to get Success Academy to sign their contracts and agree to their rules, however, the Academy and Eva Moskowitz had no other choice but to shut down their pre-K program.


Now they can start it back up again without New York being involved at all, and go back to offering a superb pre-K education to the child of any parents that want it.


When you look at the number of parents applying for a place for their children, that seems to be a huge percentage of the city.


That is because children who get into good pre-K programs will often find themselves ahead of their peers when they get to elementary school. Those that do not will often be behind much of the class and will remain that way for several years.


Eva Moskowitz saw this first-hand when she founded Success Academy, and saw the difference in children coming from pre-K programs. She vowed to give Success Academy children the same advantage.


Now, with this New York state appeals court ruling, Eva Moskowitz is free to create her pre-K programs any way she wants, and that can only benefit the children that end up in them.



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