Helane Morrison can get the Country Back on the Right Track

Preventing corruption and protecting the vulnerable has been Helane Morrison’s focus as she climbed to the one of the most prominent positions in the financial world. For over thirty years now, she has been making a mark in the industry with her determined, exceptionally influential and powerful persona. 

There was unethical behavior that had spread through the financial sector that ended up sending the American economy into a tailspin in 2007-2008 and was even compared to Great Depression of the 30’s. There was fraud, falsified records and underhanded dealings among the corrupt that had long gone unchecked. It was the cause for homes to be foreclosed on, unemployment to soar and for people to no longer have faith in Wall Street, banks or corporations. 

Even with the reported “recovery” many people still feel little trust in the financial institutions across the country. Many still feel the country’s economy is still not on the right track. The 2016 presidential elections are fast approaching and still economists and investors do not see there will be any improvement in how the public looks at these institutions. 

There needs to someone who can make sure that investors are educated enough to make sound investments and the investment process needs to have sound regulations to protect them. This ‘watchdog’ would have to ensure both of these act according to laws regarding securities and regulations in trading. This person should be, Helane Morrison. 

Helane Morrison has headed the California Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters. With her dedication to ending corruption and protecting the vulnerable she will be able to change the face of finance in this country. 

Morrison had full power of protection over both corporations and individuals against misrepresentation while head of the SEC office . She made massive differences in the how much corruption occurred in the trading and securities sector and with her experience in journalism and law, effortlessly took charge of the SEC office of enforcement (Bloomberg).

Even with her remarkable years of service with SEC, Morrison finds herself driven by a new direction and that is to gain equality in the financial work place. While there is an equal ration of men to women in the programs at the upper education level, it is still a boy’s club when it comes to upper management in financial corporations. Morrison is driven to change this. 

Morrison is currently on the board of a hedge fund subcommittee and volunteers to ensure the clarity of all hedge fund managers. Through her work she ensures all hedge fund managers give the same exact information in their transactions as investment mangers anywhere else would give. 

Morrison is just who this country needs at the helm to help instill confidence back in the American people. She has the determination and influence to get this country back on the right track. 


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