How Europeans Developed Hybrid Trabuco

Trabuco is a war machine that played an essential function in helping the Europeans to win many victories over their enemies. Many wars have been fought over the years, and the challenges that military men encountered on the battlegrounds pushed engineers to think deeply about the best methods that can be used to revolutionize how wars were fought. Trabuco was used many years ago, and it was useful in swaying the scales of war in favor of the Europeans.

Trabuco was a large catapult that was used to throw huge masses, unlike the small slings. The working principle was quite similar since in both cases potential energy was used to propel the mass. However, Trabuco incorporated many parts that required a lot of effort to be applied by those who were on the battleground. The system was not highly efficient, but that did not matter since there was no better system at that point.

Trabuco had a long pole and the mass to be catapulted was placed on one end while people were involved in pulling the weight from the other end. Ancient Trabuco was not very suitable since the machine required to be drawn by about 300 people. On the other hand, Trabuco could only catapult a weight over 80 meters, as much as the distance was not long, it was sufficient for the moment.

Due to the tensile characteristics of the machine, very few Trabuco’s were ever developed, and it is after the 11th Century that the production of Ancient Trabuco came to an end. The invention of Hybrid Trabuco eliminated the need for people in pulling the center pole. In this case, Hybrid Trabuco employed a counterweight attached to one end of the center pole, making it more efficient as the stress applied by the counterweight was definite, and it was possible to calculate the distance that weight could travel once it was catapulted.

The Europeans are the ones who twitched the working mechanisms of Hybrid Trabuco to the point that is became a little bit more precise. They machine was modified by adding a counterweight mass and blunderbuss, and this enabled a projectile to be thrown over a much longer distance. Check for more:


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