How Is Shaygan Kheradpir Taking Coriant To The Next Step Of Their Development

Coriant is a network management company that has taken the bold step to move into the cell phone business. There are many cell phone companies serving the world today, but there is more room for competition. Coriant plans to provide competition for many other firms, and they have hired Shaygan Kheradpir to lead the company. This article explains why hiring Shaygan is the perfect move for the company, and there is a look at what Coriant can offer customers that other companies cannot.

#1: Coriant Already Owns Network Space

Coriant owns more than enough network space to manage its own firm, and Coriant still has a revenue stream coming from companies paying for data and talk space. Introducing a cell phone company of their own simply creates a new revenue stream that is easy to use, and Coriant needs help from Shaygan to make the cell phone division profitable. Producing new phones, offering service packages and creating customer service for everyone requires expertise.

#2: Shaygan Has A Track Record In The Industry

Shaygan worked with Verizon when the company was still known as GTE Labs, and he presided over production that put out prototypes in 30 days. Shaygan’s plan for putting out new devices helped make Verizon the most progressive company in the industry, and his distinguished service made him a candidate for the executive suite. He understands how the products are made, and he understands how to run a large business.

#3: Shaygan Has Other Executive Experience

Shaygan has worked with Juniper Networks and Barclay’s as an executive, and he has more than enough experience to keep Coriant on track for success. He knows how a large company should operate, and he will use that expertise to keep Coriant in the black while they are making new phones or offering new plans. There is stiff competition on the market, but Shaygan knows how to crush that competition with better products.

The new product line from Coriant will make the company an instant competitor in the cell phone industry, and Shaygan will keep the company profitable while it establishes a place on the market for itself. Coriant is poised to be a very successful company, but they need a technology veteran to lead them. The appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir makes Coriant the prime contender to take over the top spot in cell phone service with its advanced networks and new products.

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