How Troy McQuagge has become successful over the years.

With the help of his leadership skills and a committed team under him, Troy McQuagge has earned himself numerous accolades something he takes pride in. It’s one thing to offer you services and give your clients what they need, but it’s another different case to be acknowledged for the good work your doing. Currently the CEO of one of the best health insurance company, USHEALTH Group Inc, he was recently crowned the chief executive officer of the Year by the One Planet Award. The award consists of various prestigious awards where professionals and companies are congratulated for their excellence. Enterprises and individuals who aspire to indulge and participate in the program submit their nominations and wait to see if they get selected. Considering the award involves companies and business regardless of their size or nature worldwide, we can understand why Troy McQuagge was much honored to be named the CEO of the year.

One thing that has been seen to play a part in Troy’s success is his broad experience background. He has been in the industry for more than twenty-five years acquiring one or two tricks from the book that has enabled him to be whom he is today. He is highly experienced when it comes to competitive businesses such as startups considering he is a sales and insurance expert. His vast experience has nurtured leadership skills in him that he applies when faced with any complex issue. He understands that as a leader, he has to be in a position of offering solutions to these matters so that the firm can stand strong. As the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, he majorly oversees the company’s growth in terms of sales.

McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida where he earned his theoretical knowledge and received his BA degree. When he is asked what makes him successful, Troy has always appreciated his team saying the USHEALTH workforce consist of employees who are well aware of what they do and put their customers first before anything else. He urges other leaders to always emphasize on the importance of teamwork as one man cannot do all the work by himself. For the work to be done, it requires each individual to play his/her legal duty.



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