Lifeline Screening Is Here To Help All Patients

Lifeline Screening is a company with the goal to make sure that people are aware of health problems that are not recognized and to also encourage them to seek out follow-up care from their own personal physician.

Lifeline Screening is the leading provider that offers community-based health screenings done on a preventative basis. They are located in the United States. The equipment that is used is all advanced ultrasound equipment and all of the healthcare professionals are highly trained to perform all of the screenings done. All of the screenings are then reviewed by physicians who are board-certified to help ensure that the results are reviewed at the highest standards. Lifeline Screening is dedicated to providing preventative health screenings done at the highest quality at rates that are affordable for all.

All of the laboratories at Lifeline Screening are CLIA-Certified. This means that they make sure to follow the regulations that have been set forth by the United States Division of Laboratory Services in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. All screenings are conducted by the medical and the ultrasound technicians and they are done so according to all of the strict protocols as well as all of the latest recommendations for the categorization of normal and of abnormal results. The technicians at Lifeline Screening are all registered or have the ability to be registered by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International or the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. All staff brings knowledge from all of their specialties to this company.

Lifeline Screening believes that all people should not only consider having a wellness plan but also a prevention plan in addition to all of their regular healthcare plans. They acknowledge that each person is unique, which is why screenings that are the most beneficial as well as appropriate for the needs of each specific person is what is offered to them. The tests that are determined for each individual person are based on risk factors, family history, medical history and personal preferences.


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