Magnises Changes Cards Forever

Magnises CEO McFarland has set out to change the world, or at least the way in which we view our credit cards and spending habits. Billy McFarland, a tech genius, was out to dinner with a group of friends when they got to talking about how high end credit cards rarely fulfill anything for people their age: the millennial crowd. This moment of clarity served as inspiration for Billy McFarland and his quest to create a ‘black card’ that catered to what he would enjoy were he to be the customer.

So what is the Magnises Black Card? First of all, it isn’t actually a credit card. Essentially the Magnises Black Card will take over for whatever card or checking account that you are already using.

You can link your other cards directly to the magnetic strip, allowing you to run your credit through Magnises. Why would you do that? Well, the reason is simple: Magnises is here to offer you the world or at least a very different take on it.

The goal of the Magnises Black Card is to create a gigantic network of like minded, similar aged individuals. Almost 90% of the people currently subscribed to the Magnises service are in their 20s and this means that networking can go a long way.

Why should you consider becoming a part of that 90%? Well, the Magnises card serves as a social perks card that gives its users all sorts of ridiculous and high end benefits. Magnises is partnered up with 50 of the most illustrious, high end companies around and these perks go straight to the Magnises card owner.

Magnises Black Card members can also use their membership to improve their business. Magnises members will be permitted to use private office spaces all around their city for whatever business purposes that are needed.

Simply use your online concierge to rent the space and then show up with your card and you will be admitted immediately. If you don’t have a client or anything to do these same ‘member clubhouses’ can be a great place to sit back and relax after a long day.

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