New Yorkers Can Find Quality Lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein Online

Finding a reliable attorney, who is qualified to handle your case, can be daunting. However, for the New Yorkers, this is not the case; the New York State Bar of Association has established a reliable Referral and Information Services for those in need of lawyers. The Bar takes the time to review the attorneys who are on their list. Thus, individuals can be sure they will find a good legal standing. The Association has been referring people for over 35 years using phone calls but to serve the citizens of New York better, LRIS has launched an online portal.


How the service works


Those in need of an attorney should visit the portal and fill in the form on the portal. The aim of the questionnaire is to understand the legal issue that one is facing as well and finding out their location. Thus, after reviewing the questionnaire, the State Bar will match the individual with someone who works in the vicinity and can be able to handle the case. Though the referral program is free, a fee of $ 35 is charged for the first 30 minutes the individual talks to the attorney. Chatting to a lawyer does not mean you have to hire them, but if you do, then you can make a contract on the much that you will be paying for their services.


Jeremy L. Goldstein


When you are seeking the help of an attorney using this website, it is normal to question the type of associates that will find. Jeremy Goldstein is an example of the type of professionals present in the portal. Goldstein got his J.D. from the New York University School of Law. He further perused his studies further in the University of Chicago and got an M.S., and from Cornell University he was awarded a B.A. Goldstein has worked on numerous corporate transaction in the past decade like Phillips Petroleum Company versus Conoco Inc., Sanofi-Aventis versus Genzyme among many others.


Goldstein has also founded his law firm devoted to guiding compensation committees, CEOs, and transformative corporate events and sensitive situations. He is qualified to deal with matters to do with organizational issues that one might be undergoing.


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