Premium Dog Food Tops the Market

The dog food industry is making headlines for its commitment to going healthy. The Daily Herald jut featured an article on the trends within the dog food industry, which is well on its way to going premium. The article details how top dog food companies are in fierce competition to continue to innovate their dog food formulas and production so that they can advertise a healthier formula and better ingredients than the other options on the market. While pet owners are started to take an active interest in their own health and are demanding healthier food choices in Walmart grocery stores and in restaurants, they are starting to make the same demands for their furry friends. It just makes sense that as we start to seriously focus on eating healthy for ourselves that we also start taking an interest in making sure that our pets are equally healthy. This is why more dog food recipes are incorporating more lean chicken and fewer empty grains in their recipes. Dog food producers are also advertising various formulas for specific types and ages of dogs.

Beneful has grown its sales to even bigger record numbers in the midst of this premium pet food formula trend. Pet food producers like Beneful were in the perfect position to capitalize on this trend because they had already been using extremely healthy ingredients before the market basically demanded it. Beneful now produces eight varieties of dry dog food and over twenty types of wet dog food. In addition, they provide 11 dog treat options, all specially formulated to help your dog grow healthy and strong.

Purinastore Beneful has been extremely successful in its recent advertising campaigns because its loyal customers know that it will back its products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Beneful is also known for its tight process controls and strict standards for ingredient suppliers, which makes sure that its pet food products exceed customer expectations. Beneful is poised to maintain its position as one of the top pet food producers in the industry with its creative packaging, emphasis on quality and plenty of positive facebook customer reviews.



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