Stream Energy Wants You To Save Money and Energy

Stream Energy, a provider of electricity, energy and home services, want to give you about how to save some energy at home.

Stream Energy believes that one way you could save energy and money by unplugging devices when they are not in use. Devices are still using energy even when you are not actively using them. As an example, if you fully stopping energy getting to your coffee maker, you could save a dollar a year. If you stop getting energy to most of your devices, you could a dollar a year as well. You could make as much as 36 dollars a year by saving on energy.

Plugging most of your devices including your DVR and game consoles into a power strip would be a good way to save on energy. You just have to unplug the power strip and you know that your devices will be totally inactive. Get details on Stream Energy at

You get usage monitoring tools that will monitor your energy usage and make sure that you are saving energy.

Stream Energy has been in the home energy and services business since 2004. Its main headquarters can be found in the Tollway Building that is located in Dallas, Texas. To sell its business, it usesas multi-level marketing. It had a division called Ignitese that dealt with multi-level marketing until the division no longer existed in 2014. You can get their services in all parts of the US. The energy part of the company is can only be found in some carefully selected energy markets. Learn more about Stream Energy at Better Business Bureau.


The company was r in 2004 by Pierre Koshaki and Rob Snyder after Tesas deregulated its electricity market. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas gave Stream a retail electrical license in the beginning of 2005. 3 months later, it started to recruit Texas electricity customers. This company currently now sells energy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, DC and Texas. It hopes to grow more in the future.

Stream Energy has the experience to let you know how you can save energy and money on your household devices.


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