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Sheldon Lavin, Innovative and Passionate About His Enterprise and Employees

Sheldon Lavin is very well known in the meat and food processing industry. He is currently serving as the President of OSI International Foods. Lavin is very active in the daily operations of the business and stays in close touch with his employees.

In 1970 Sheldon Lavin was at Otto and Sons where he was involved in the finance department. He gained the knowledge of the meat and food processing industry throughout the years and then developed the OSI Group. His continued involvement in the daily routines of the business grew into him becoming an owner. As leader of the OSI Group, Lavin developed the domestic food company into an international industry leader. The fast growing company is now in over 60 different countries with more than 70 different facilities. The main products of the company is protein, but they do also produce sauces, baked goods and some vegetables.

Lavin’s contribution to job growth throughout the world earned him the Global Visionary Award. On February 20, 2016, the India’s Vision World Academy gave him the award for his incredible accomplishment of introducing the OSI group internationally. Sheldon was very honored and proud to win the prestigious award and enjoys his life’s work of helping OSI Group grow so fast and powerful. He is committed to helping the company and to the welfare of all the company employees.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI has also expanded around the world and has received numerous environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin was asked what he would like to see in the next corporate leaders and he replied that he hopes they continue to support their employees and continue the international growth. He wants to inspire the next leaders to give their employees opportunities that will help them to grow OSI into a major global leader.

Sheldon says he is very proud of all the employees and what they all have achieved. The company’s success belongs to everyone. He listens to everyone and enjoys having lunch together in order to address new ideas from everyone. The corporate leaders feel the employees are talented and loyal and they should be heard. Sheldon is proud of his wife and three children and does not plan on slowing down in the corporate world in the near future. His inspirational words have encouraged his employees and he wants to stay as involved with them as possible. He is also very proud of his charitable contributions to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, who help people who are in need. He also encourages all his employees to contribute to the charity of their choice.

Sheldon Lavin info: www.theofficialboard.com/biography/sheldon-lavin-d4824