Who to Turn to When Your Wikipedia Page is Hacked

The amazing free online encyclopedia that is Wikipedia is a wonderful exposure for individuals and organizations. That is, until it gets wrecked by random edits. This has just happened to Leonardo DiCaprio’s wiki pages. As he is celebrating a long-deserved Oscar award win, one of his overly exuberant fans peppered his filmography Wikipedia page with a clearly heartfelt message that is most unwelcome to the readability of the page. However well meant, it is another case of a wiki page being defaced. The very openness of Wikipedia to everyone in the whole world, both the read and to add and edit content is a double-edged sword. This is why some wiki pages are locked. Anyone can edit any unlocked page incorrectly, whether accidentally or maliciously.

There has been a great deal of pent up excitement over Leo finally getting what many feel he has always deserved. This came after him being nominated for an Academy Award five times, yet not winning one until now. He received the Oscar for his movie, ‘The Revenant’, along with BAFTA and Golden Globe awards. As he was thanking his directors and everyone else he has ever worked with, his Wikipedia page was essentially being hacked. What can be done when such unwanted edits occur or if someone were to make a Wikipedia page that is inaccurate? 

The solution Leo should turn to, not only to correct his wiki page, but for ongoing maintenance is Get Your Wiki. They are Wiki experts for hire that are experienced and very successful at both creating great Wikipedia pages and they act as a Wikipedia editing service. They offer a free quote within 24 hours, a money back guarantee if a page is removed for any reason by Wikipedia management, and their pages are SEO smart. Their wiki pages consistently come up as one of the first 3 results in an online Search.

The Wiki writers at Get Your Wiki are sages of Wikipedia lore, all its special features, the required style and formatting, and inclusion of correct source references. They also offer a great wiki page maintenance service to quickly automatically fix any wrong edits to their clients’ pages. Plus, they include any new updating needed on a page as a free part of the service. They also offer some specialty services, such as creation of associated pages translated into other languages. Find out more about Get Your Wiki’s services here: http://www.getyourwiki.com/wikipedia-writers-create-wiki-page/

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